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Cincinnati, OH and Washington, DC

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AKA "OverKill"

What I do for a living:

IT Specialist

Headphone Inventory

Have now:
HiFiMan: HE-6 (Hardwired with Norse Audio Reign 24 cable)
Sennheiser: HD800 (Black on Black and Hardwired with SAA Endorphin cable)

Stax: SR-007 Mk1
Audez'e: LCD-3
Beyerdynamic: T1
Fostex: TH-900
Audez'e LCD-2.2
Grado GS1000i
Thunderpants TP1
Bluemonkeyflyer BMF
T70 (J$ Leather pads)
LFF's Paradox
Mr. Speakers Mad Dogs (Dog Pads)
Ultrasone Edition 8's
Ultrasone Pro 900
Shure SRH1840
Shure SRH940
Sennheiser HD800
HiFiMan HE-6
HiFiMan HE-500
HiFiMan HE-4
HiFiMan HE-5LE
Denon D5000
Denon D2000
AKG K701
AKG K601
AKG Q701
Sennheiser HD600
Sennheiser HD650
Audio Technica ATH-AD2000
Denon: AH-D7000 (2012 edition)
AKG: K702 65th Anniversary Edition
Audio Technica: ATH-W3000ANV
Audio Technica ATH-AD2000X (L3000 Pads)
Mr. Speakers: Mad Dog 3.2 (Custom Red)
HiFiMan: HE-5
Mr. Speakers: Alpha Dog

Headphone Amp Inventory

Have now:
Eddie Current 445 - Ordered
Audio-GD Master 10

In the Works. (Where is my Damn Amp?)
KGSSHV-DX (2013)

First Watt F1J
Headamp GS-X mk2
HiFiMan EF-6 (had on loan for a few months)
4 Channel, Fully Balanced βeta 22 w/ Dual Sigma22 (YBM)
Headamp GS-1 (w/DACT Attenuator)
Balanced CK²III (YBM)
Bryston BHA-1
Burson HA - 160D
Emotiva a-100 mini-X = X 2
Balanced M^3 (YBM) - (AD8597 or ADA4627-1 op amps)

Source Inventory

Music Player:
Custom C.A.P.S. /w/ J. River MC 19
Mini-Client 2500 - http://atechfabrication.com/produ...
Mass Storage 2500 - http://atechfabrication.com/produ...

Red Wine Audio Black Lightning - http://redwineaudio.com/component...

AMR DP-777 (Duelund VSF Black Cast Capacitors)
Audio-gd Master 7 w/ HDMI i2S

Berkeley Audio Alpha USB
John Kenny Ciunas Converter with Welbourne Labs external power supply
Mutec MC-3+ Smart Clock (Looking) http://www.mutec-net.com/product_...#discussion

(Preamp) Alpha20 Balanced pre amp w/ Dual Sigma22 - (SWA)
Audio-gd Master 7
PerfectWave DAC MKII
SOtM dX-USB-HD USB Converter
NAD m51 Direct Digital DAC
Buffalo III (PB&J) http://pbandjaudio.blogspot.com/
John Kenny Ciunas DAC
iFi iUSB​ w/ Welborne Labs LPS

Cable Inventory

SignalCable Silver Resolution Pure Silver Interconnects.

Cabledyne Reference Silver USB Cable.

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