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everywhere and nowhere ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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I exist only as an idea.

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"Eighty percent of the sound for twenty percent of the money." - Wualta

Headphone Inventory

Just..... too........much........how did this happen
Attempting a reduction

Source Inventory

Cosmic Plasma Birkeland Currents from the Galactic-Center
Planar Magnetic Dimensional Beings

Cable Inventory


Power-Related Components

Henry T Moray Valve w/ germanium oscillators
Martian Scalar Wave Transmissions
Lakhovsky Multi Wave Oscillator

Other Audio Equipment

Ca-sette player

Intuhgrated Ample-fiers

Vinyl Spinner

Audio-Related Tweaks

Major Grey Chutney
Red " Tuning Juice " like a nice un-oaked Shiraz
Various dimensional portals
Nice Sound/Nakamura Aclear Porta NIP-05TH Headphone Conditioner
Sasquatch people
Espresso machine /burr grinder, Black Dragon beans, organic cream and organic maple syrup
Leather sofa
Avadhuta Gita
Caig DeOxit D5 spray
PWB Rainbow Foil
PWB Creme Electret
Subgenius Foundation SLACK
Twaron Angel hair
Lots of pfffft!
Arctic Cotton
DEVO Energy Dome
Discordianism FNORD
Sorbothane 1/10 inch 30D
Awareness and the content of awareness

Music Preferences

Good things

Interests (non-headphone)

Dreaming the Dream.

Reading reviews " It's better than all the other headphones except for the ones it isn't. Hits beyond it's price point but really I want HD800 sound for 2 bones. Makes utoob vids sound amazing. When I put these on I hear music. Costs far less than a Ferrari. Better than Beats. They're musical! My next door neighbours dog was blown away by the sound."

Watching: " Pre-unboxing Post Office Package Pickup and Shoe Untying " videos

Reading profiles in here, favourite categories include: Gone, Boxed up, Sold, Had, Wish I had, Pretend I had, Planning to have, Cables, Plugs, Auditioned at length, Auditioned for 3 seconds, Know everything about, Air-gas mixture breathed while thinking about planning about what to get.

Gear-Fi (Favorite Non-Audio Gear & Gadgets)

Heavenfresh ionizer
Westbend water distiller
Earthing mats and products
CR-95C and Scythe Orochi based silent/passive 'puters
Paul Stamets products

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