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Headphones, Headphones, Headphones!

Headphone Inventory

Best Over-Ear Headphones (which I currently own)
Audio Technica A900XLTD
B&O H6 (Audi Edition)
Sony MDR-MA900
Philips SHP9500

Best Budget Headphones (which I strongly recommend)
Accidentally Extraordinary 51st Studios Wood (great sound, wood, great design, poor headband)
Beyerdynamic DTX 501p (great sound when amped, not so comfy)
Brainwavz HM5 (good sound, comfy)
Creative CAL!2 (better sounding than CAL!1, comfy, need a new cable)
JVC HA RX-700 (great sound, plasticky)
M-Audio Q40 (great bass, fun sound, horrible cable)
NVX Audio XPT100 (super comfy)
Panasonic RP-HTF600 (fun sound, poor build)
Pioneer SE-A1000 (great sound, filmsy build)
Puma Vortice (what a gem! sounds terrific!)
Skullcandy Aviator Paul Frank (nice design)
Sony MDR-7506 (balanced sound, poor build)
Yamaha HPH-MT220 (great sound, heavy)
Zagg ZR-LE (wood, great sound when amped, thin cable)

Best On-Ear Headphones
Beyerdynamic T51i/T51p
Sennheiser HD25 ALU
Thinksound On1

Headphones which I think very highly of
AKG K550
Aria Feenix
Audio Technica ATH-W1000X
B&W P7
Beyerdynamic T51i/T51p
Denon AH-D7000
Final Audio Design Pandora VI
Focal Spirit Classic/One S
Fostex TH900
Hifiman HE6/HE-560
M-Audio Q40
Master and Dynamic MH40
Philips Fidelio L2/A5-Pro
Pioneer SE-MX7
Sennheiser HD800/HD8 DJ
Shure SRH-1520
Sony MDR-7520/MDR-MA900
SoundMAGIC HP150
Stax SR-009
Yamaha HPH-MT220
ZMF Vibro

Overall impressions
AKG: K550 (pros: clarity, detailed, very comfortable; cons: poor fit for some, poor fit impacts bass), K545 (pros: good sound, looks; cons: less clearer than K550, smaller soundstage), 712 (pros: great sound, comfortable; cons: nothing)
Audio Technica: A900XLTD (pros: good sound, looks, comfortable; cons: slight lacking in bass), ATH-OX7AMP (pros: good sound, light; cons: plastic, no rechargeable battery), ATH-TAD500 (pros: good sound, cheap; cons: plastic), ATH-W1000X (pros: great sound, looks, comfortable; cons: slight loose fit)
B&O: H6 (pros: good sound, comfortable; cons: weak bass, looks a bit cheap, expensive)
B&W: P7 (pros: good across all genres, build; cons: small cups, tight fit, expensive, funny treble that irritates after a while)
Beyerdynamic: T1 (pros: good across all genres, comfortable; cons: needs a good amp, expensive, soundstage seems a bit too wide), DT990 (pros: great smooth sound, comfortable; cons: needs amping), T51p (pros: great sound, very comfortable; cons: expensive)
Bose: Q15 (pros: NC, comfortable; cons: build), QC20i (pros: incredible NC; cons: expensive), SoundTrue (pros: good sound, comfy; cons: expensive)
Brainwavz: HM5 (pros: good sound, very comfortable; cons: build), HM9 (pros: good sound, comfortable; cons: build)
Creative: CAL! (pros: good sound, cheap; cons: build, small cups), CAL!2 (pros: good sound, comfortable; cons: poor cable)
Denon: AH-D7000 (pros: good across all genres, looks, comfortable; cons: expensive, cable), AH-D5000 (pros: great sound, looks, comfortable; cons: loose bass, cable), AH-D600 (pros: good across all genres, comfortable; cons: large, lots of plastic)
Final Audio: Pandora Hope VI (pros: incredible sound, build; cons: heavy, earpads too soft)
Fischer Audio: DBA-02 (pros: good across all genres; cons: build, weak cable), DBA-02 MKII (pros: good across all genres; cons: noisy cable)
Focal: Spirit Classic (pros: good across all genres, build; cons: ball+hinge design, expensive, poor fit), Spirit Professional (pros: good across all genres, build; cons: ball+hinge design, expensive, not as musical as Classic, poor fit)
Fostex: TH900 (pros: good across all genres, gorgeous looks; cons: fragile cups, very expensive), TH600 (just a poorer version of TH900)
Hifiman: HE-560 (pros: great sound, comfortable; cons: questionable build, small earpads, expensive)
Jaybird: Bluebuds X (pros: good across all genres; cons: not so good fit for exercising)
M-Audio: Q40 (pros: great sound, looks; cons: uncomfortable, clamp force, cable), HDH50 (pros: great sound, good build; cons: monitor-like)
MartinLogan Mikros 90 (pros: great sound, build, cheap; cons: clamp force, fit)
MrSpeakers: Mad Dog (pros: good sound, soft pads; cons: a bit tight due to large pads, looks cheap)
Philips: Fidelio X1 (pros: good sound, looks; cons: poor fit for big heads), Fidelio L2 (pros: good across all genres, looks, cable; cons: none), A5-Pro (pros: great sound, incredible build; cons: a bit heavy, not so impactful bass, expensive)
Pioneer: SE-MX7 (pros: great sound; cons: on-ear, plasticky, bass adjustment not effective), SE-MX9 (pros: great sound, good build; cons: a tad bassy, on-ear)
Sennheiser: HD800 (pros: incredible soundstage, comfortable; cons: picky with amp, expensive), HD598 (pros: good sound, comfortable, looks; cons: weak bass), Momentum (pros: good across all genres, looks; cons: small cups), Amperior (pros: good across all genres, looks; cons: uncomfortable)
Sennheiser: HD-25 Aluminium (a better version than Amperior), HD-26 Pro (more analytical than HD-25 Aluminium), HD8 DJ (best DJ headphone from Sennheiser)
Shure: SRH940 (pros: great treble; cons: lousy build), SRH1540 (pros: good across all genres, looks; cons: doesn't sound like Shure anymore!)
Sony: MDR-1RBT MKII (pros: good sound, comfortable; cons: slight recess for vocals), MDR-MA900 (pros: good sound, light, comfortable; cons: build, lots of plastic), Sony 7520 (pros: great sound, comfortable; cons: heavy cable)
Soundmagic: HP200 (pros: great sound, comfortable; cons: thin bass)
Stax: SR-009 (pros: good across all genres, build; cons: extremely expensive, heavy, high amping needed)
Thinksound: On1 (pros: good sound, looks; cons: none), TS02 (pros: good across all genres; cons: build, cable looks fragile)
V-Moda: XS (pros: good sound, small-form factor, build; cons: earpads too small)
Yamaha: HPH-MT220 (pros: good sound, clarity; cons: slight heavy, dull design)
Zagg: ZR-LE (pros: good sound and looks, cheap; cons: filmsy cable)
ZMF v2: (pros: very musical, comfortable; cons: need a bass boost), ZMF x Vibro (pros: very musical, user-definable bass options; cons: expensive)

Some other impressions
Accidentally Extraordinary: 51st Studios Wood (pros: good sound, nice looking; cons: slightly veiled)
AKG: 812 (pros: good sound, transparency; cons: poor build, too ex, not worth)
Aedle VK-1 (pros: good sound, great design; cons; poor fit)
Audeze: LCD-XC (pros: soundstage, great looks; cons: bright, heavy, very expensive), LCD-X (pros: good sound, soundstage; cons: needs proper amp, heavy, very expensive)
Audio Technica: ATH-M50X LE (pros: good sound, quite comfortable; cons: pads get hot, a tad heavy)
Beats: Studio (pros: good sound, quite comfortable; cons: slight veil, lots of plastic), Studio Wireless (pros: good sound, quite comfortable, wireless; cons: slight veil, lots of plastic)
Beyerdynamic: T5p (pros: good sound; cons: treble, uncomfortable, quite high clamp force), DT1350 (pros: good across all genres, looks; cons: uncomfortable, high clamp force)
Fostex: TH500RP (pros: build, comfortable; cons: thin-sounding)
Grado: SR225 (pros: good sound; cons: weak bass, earpads get hot, uncomfortable), PS1000 (pros: good sound; cons: earpads get hot, uncomfortable, expensive)
Hifiman: HE-6 (pros: good across all genres; cons: heavy, build, high amping needed, very expensive, uncomfortable with velour pads)
JBL: Synchros S700 (pros: good bass, build; cons: bass bleeds into mids, can't fit big heads, heavy, quite high clamp force)
JVC: HP-DX2000 (pros: good sound, good bass, build; cons: heavy, too big, expensive)
KEF: M500 (pros: good sound, design; cons: fit)
Klipsch: Status (pros: great sound, build; cons: quite uncomfortable)
Logitech: UE9000 (pros: good sound, build; cons: heavy, quite uncomfortable, high clamp force)
Marshall: Monitor (pros: good sound, looks; cons: needs some tweaking to sound better, small cups, fit)
Master & Dynamic: MH40 (pros: look, build; cons: dark sounding, expensive)
MrSpeakers: Alpha Dog (pros: good sound, build; cons: expensive)
NAD: Viso HP50 (pros; good sound, looks, earpads; cons: a tad boring)
NOCS: NS900 Live (pros: great sound, build; cons: high clamp force)
Onkyo: ES-FC300 (pros: good sound, light; cons: fit)
Oppo: PM-1 (pros: good sound, look, build; cons: expensive)
Pioneer: HDJ-2000 (pros: good bass, incredible build; cons: slight veil, heavy cable)
PSB: M4U2 (pros: good sound ; cons: build, lots of plastic, uncomfortable, high clamp force)
Shure: SRH1440 (pros: clarity, comfortable; cons: weak bass, lots of plastic), SRH1840 (pros: good sound, comfortable; cons: headband touches top of head)
SOL: Republic (pros: nothing; cons: build, too much bass)
Symphonized: Magnum Premium (pros: look, good bass; cons: need treble boost)
Superlux: HD681 EVO (pros: good sound, cheap; cons: nothing)
Ultrasone: HFI, Pro, DJ, Signature, Edition (pros: bass, build; cons: colored sound, expensive)
Velodyne: vTrue (pros: good sound, design; cons: slight clamp force)
Yamaha: HPH Pro 500 (pros: good sound, clarity; cons: uncomfortable, clarity irritates you after a while)

Headphones which I want to listen
Feenix: Aria
Focal: Spirit One S
Fostex: TH500RP
Grain Audio: OEHP
Hifiman: HE-400i
JLab: Omni
Kingsound: KS-H3
Master & Dynamic: MH40
Mcintosh: MPH1000
Meze: 77 Deco
Oppo: PM-2
Pendulumic: S1, M1
Philips: Fidelio X2
SoundMAGIC: HP150
Ted Baker: Rockall
ZMF: Vibro

Headphone Amp Inventory

iCan Nano (best portable amp that I have so far, incredible synergy with Sennheiser HD800 for a portable amp)
iDAC Nano (best portable DAC)
Practical Devices XM6
JDS Labs CMoyBB v2.03
Electric-Avenues PA2V2

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