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headphones and more headphones...
anything tat makes music.

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Testy question......

Headphone Inventory

D7000/J$pads/4pin xlr
HD650/8strand Silverbraided cable/cheapChinastickovervelorpads
Beyer T1/cheapChinavelorpads
HE-6/ Hifimanvelorpads/german custom cable
LCD2v2 /silver Toxic cable /stock leather pads
Yamaha MT220/hybridflatpads
FAD Pandora HopeVI /M50x pads
Beyer DT150/DT100velorpads/window foam
AKG K812, with magic squalene oil infused with Mt Fuji carbondust applied.

Seinheisser hd800, HD650/Equinox,HD600/cardas/ HD228
Ultrasone Ed8 Palladium, HFI-780/Lune, Pro900, Pro900/J$/4pin xlr,
Beyer T5p, T1, t50p, DT880/600ohm, DT990/600ohm, DT770/600, DT1350, DT250
Grado 225i, 325goldie woodied, Alessandro MsPro
AKG K450, K271MKii , K702/Zu, Q701, K550
Audio Technica W5000, W1000x, ESW9, AD900X, ESW10jpn
Fischer FA-003, HM5
Bowers P5,
Sony Z1000,
Klipsch ImageOne,
Shure SHR940, SHR840
Fostex T50rp,
Denon D2000, AH1100
TDK ST-700,
KRK KNS8400,
Bose AE2i, AE1
Monster Ntune,
Bowers P5,
Philips Uptown,
Skull DJMike
Logitech UE9000 wireless
Superlux 681 Evo
Creative Auvarna Gold
MartinLoganMikros90 both rested)

JVC FX850 wood/spiral tips,
Havi B3 Pro 1
VE MONK, MONK+ ( $5 MustBuy!! )

(had : Monoprice 9927, Shure530 , klipschS4,
TurbineGold, westone3, SM3,
DBA2, shure535,FAD Piano Forte II,
HJE900, NEP-XT1, W4,QJays,
Monster Mile Davis, Popo, Hiphone
Denon C710, Golden Crystal
Zero Carbo Tenore, Namoo S1
HisoundAudio Live earbuds ,
FAD HeavenIV)

MacAir loaded with Audirvana software,
I-Pad, SamsungNote3,
(had:RooCoo-A, StudioV, RooCooBA, RooCooP, Hm-601,hippo gumstick, sansaclip+),

Xduoo X10 dap

Dac : AudioGd NFB10.32 balanced dac+amp
(had: E7, udac2, Dacport, DacportLX, Meier Stagedac, Nuforce HD, Fiio E18 )

Amp :
AudioGd NFB10.32 balanced dac-amp,
DV336se, ( it is in a coma..shocked from Decware's hospitalisation)
Decware CSP2+ ( hospitalised, life in the balance$$ )
tiny SMSL SA-50 T-amp (50W x2) /for HE-6

(had Fiio E9, burson ha-160, EF5, GSNovo,Meier Concerto, Arietta, LDmk3,
X-Can V3, LittleDot Mk4se, Lyr, Lehmann BCL w/dac )

Power stabliiser : the amazing RichardGray substation.

Cable Infrastructure from www.Cabledyne.com :
Silver Ref Usb cable, Silver Ref RCAs,
Silver Ref Powercords, Copper Ref Powercords,
(killed all my wireworld cords..:P )

Snake oil : Squalene Diatonic Carbon No.1 ( BUY THIS !! )
(think it is Mount Fuji volcanic dust collected in some oil,
with some shark sashimi thrown in)

Other Audio Equipment

in disarray...zzz

Music Preferences

light classicals...jazz....light operatic vocals....marches...ballads....movie themes..gospel...anything that sends my soul a soaring...or snorrring...comes midnite.

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