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Just a dude in electronics.
4yr electrical engineering.
1yr Center Media Arts for
Audio Engineering

Interests (Hobbies, favorite activities, etc.):

Check out my Led boombox mods

What I do for a living:


Headphone Inventory

rasone Edition 8 (redefines what a portable can be. On par with best large closed cans, IMO.)

Fostex th600 (tremendous powerful BASS with realistic detailed large fast dynamic sound with very impressive soundstage for a closed can. Trebles great after burn in, U shaped SIG but less so than th900 )

Senn HD800 (my second set and noticeably nicer trebles)

Ath-esw10 (simply beautiful & best mids in any portable I ever herd)

Ath-esw11 (my 2nd best portable period,.
With esw9pads a more spacious sound.
With es10 pads very large sound.
With stock pads best balanced sound
With "foam add-in" mod best reference sound in a portable, with only my ed8 a notch above)

ath-esw9 ( w/ BTG Audio 8 Strand SPC cable & polyurethane coated wood cups & Germania mod! :) it sounds like a bigger better esw9 thats all(!)
And will never sound like an esw10 due to laid back trebles)

ath-em700ti (excellent clarity in a clip on)

es700 wood modded with polyurethane coated wood cups and angled esw9 pads!
(This is the closest anyone will every get to an esw10 sound!)

m100 (still in family, needs over 1k hours to balance sound before sweet yet bassy sig tames down more balanced V shaped with nice spityy trebles)

Martin Logan Mikros90 (very high quality small portable with easy modding capabilities nice sound, hd25 pad swap solves fit issues )

Focal Spirit Pro (good monitor can with large soundstage, great for a final mixdown but too flat a signature for me)

NAD HP50 (nice monitor can good for mids and voice, kept in family- gave to my niece)

------- ----- -----

Past: (ranked in order of preference)

ath-w3000anv (omg! Euphoric mids in a reference closed can sound now with AlphaPads makes unit grander and more balanced excellence.
Only poor reason to let go was for future upgrade to a planar/ortho, still will regret this choice forever)

T90 (best open can owned, amazing clarity)

Senn HD800 with custom cable (reference sound but no bass impact and more "air" than substance as I prefer LCD type sound)

Audio Technica:
Ath-w1000x (very polished and quality sound)
ath-ws99 (wow linear and large sound but needs amping sound as lively as an es10 yet darker more chocolate broother to the es10)
ath-es10 (I restored to new condition nice big dynamic sound for a portable)
ath-es700 (cork&foam mod, very dynamic sound)
ath-esw9 (older early production slightly dull)
ath-m50LE (actually very nice sound yet not at same level in mids & treble as an es10 or ws99)
ath-es7 (had three. Excellent forward fun sound!)
ath-FC700A (too lean and bright sounding small portable :p)

T50rp (modded to sound like HD600)
vmodex.!! (T50rp drivers modded into a vmoda LP! Sounded very nice yet lacked impact as it needed to be amped)

Alessandro MS1 (with Padded Headband & HD414 Quarter Modded Pads, amazingly good, clear, large and lively sound from such a small can but timbre was off for me)

Dennon AH-D2000 Mark L Mod (shockingly good bass and sparkle but is a "V" shape sig so mids were recessed)

m80 (amazingly good sweet sound for size)
Crossfade LP (bassy, muddy & dull)

Sony 7520 (great monitor can. Sonys best, great bass, shiny near sililant highs and lively mids, although maybe too dynamic! As dynamic range incredible)
Sony MDR 1r (nice but lackluster performer let me down because so beautiful but no power or weight or clarity except nice mids)
Sony ma900 (still in family excellent open can sound)
Sony MDR-V6 (top end sizzle & clarity, and subbass but lifeless mids not sound balanced )

Q701 (nice soundstage but too much airy distant lightweight sound)
Tiesto167 (impressive bass and sparkling trebles but mids came last)
Tiesto67 (very nice but mediocre overall)

Ultrasone Pro 750 (nice overall but nothing special and not lively enough)
Ultrasone Pro 900 (worst sounding muddy turd of garbage that I would not give to my worst enemy as it was so hidiously bad. Even the devil could not phantom a worse torture).

HA-s400(modded to sound like akg67)
HA-s500(with ws55pads excellent lively sound)

Klipsch One (had three decent sound)

Beyer DT1350 (too sterile for me)

Koss TBSE, (actually very good & like a $300 sound level)
PortaPro (good starter 4 student on a budget)
SportaPro (same with less bass)
UR40 (more balanced yet sibalent)
KSC75 (nice sparkly clip ons)

Senn HD485 (first nice can)
Sennheiser Amperior (fun sound)
PX200, PX100. (Blah dull sound :p )

Monster DNA (very efficient detailed and nice sound yet compressed mids image)
Diamond Tears (similar non compressed sound yet more dull!)

Headphone Amp Inventory

Woo Wa7 with better gold pin tubes

Schiit Vali

ALO "The Continental" V2 (portable tube hybrid)

RACOON SG300 24Bit/96KHz USB DAC tube amp with upgrade tube JAN12AT7 nos

1970s vintage Lafayette stereo mixer (modified by me)

Little Dot mkIII with slyvania "Gold" tubes (sold)
hud-mx2, (sold)
O2 amp,
Fiio E11,
Cmoy18v (sold)

Source Inventory

Arcam irDac (smooth, clean, deep, clear sound, after break in smoothness gives way to sheer transparency)


Interests (non-headphone)

Was a senior member at PPCGeeks.com TP2 phone forums, now post at xda-developers.com phone forums,
Current member of boomboxery.com and stereo2go.com

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