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Greenville, IN

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21 hours, 42 minutes ago

Interests (Hobbies, favorite activities, etc.):

Raising Icelandic Horses, Photography and HiFi

What I do for a living:

Aircraft Dispatcher and Air-to-Ground/Ground-to-Ground Messaging Administrator for Major US Airline

Headphone Inventory

Current Headphones:
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
AKG K50 [circa 1959] (Modded - Sennheiser HD414 pads)
Grado SR60 (Modded - woodied, baffle perforated, dyna-mat dampened; inner membrane screen removed; re-cabled w/Mogami Mini-quad_W2893, Switchcraft 1/8" mini-plug, DIY gimbal locks, custom SS screens, big honking pads)
Noble 5S (universal)
HifiMan RE400
HifiMan HE-350
Rock Zircon
Audeze Sine

- - - - -
- - - - -
ATH-M50 (Traded)
Beyerdynamic DT990/250 [2005 Edition] (Traded)
Grado SR325 Goldies w/DIY gimbal locks, custom brass gimbal rod holder, 1/8" female plug in headphones, detachable Van damme SPOFC cable with Neutrik plugs all ends (TRADED)
Grado SR325, Modded - woodied, baffle perforated, dyna-mat dampened; screen removed, DIY gimbal locks, re-cabled DHC Cu braid, balanced w/ Neutrik 1/4" TRS plug, L-cush pads (SOLD)
Head-Direct RE0 (SOLD)
MB Quart QP805 HS (300 ohm) (SOLD)
AKG K601 (re-terminated with Neutrik 1/4" TRS) (SOLD)
Denon AHD-2000 (Mark-L modded - Dynamat dampened, re-cabled with HGA 4-braid silver terminated w/Furutech 1/4" TRS) (Traded)
Etymotic ER4P (SOLD)
Yamaha YH-1 (SOLD)
Fostex T40 v.1; Modded - foam removed, cups damped with Akasa Paxmate, driver dyna-mat dampened, balanced w/cat6 ethernet cable dual entry, Neutrik 4-pin XLR, Shure SR840 pads. (SOLD)
Fostex T50RP w/ Sony MD5000 pads, damped with Akasa Paxmate and Dyna-mat, felt removed. (SOLD)
Fostex T50RP woodied with Marty Custom Cups, JMoney Denon pads, dampened with Akasa Paxmate and Dyna-mat, Denon oem AH-D7000 cable. (SOLD)
DT770/600 ohm (SOLD)
Sennheiser HD-650 balanced Blue Dragon v2 w/ Neutrik 4-pin XLR (Traded)
NuForce NE-600X (Sold)
JVC HP-DX1000 (Traded)
Etymotic HF5 (SOLD)
Etymotic MC5 (retired)
Beyerdynamic DT880 600 ohm (Traded)
Shure SRH-1840 (SOLD)
V Moda M100 CrossFade (SOLD)
AKG K240 Sextett-MP (SOLD)

Headphone Amp Inventory

Current Amplifiers:
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
ALO Amphora #019/100
iFi Nano DAC/Amp
Sony UDA-1 DAC/Amp
iFi Micro DSD DAC/Amp
Meier Stepdance2
Meridian Explorer2

- - - - -
- - - - -
HeadRoom TotalAirHead_old style (SOLD)
RSA Tomahawk - (SOLD)
Pop-Pulse Mini Headphone Amp (Gifted away)
Vivid Technologies V1 DAC/Amp (SOLD)
Topping TP21 Amp (SOLD)
Qables iQube v.1 (SOLD)
Linearossa W1 (SOLD)
Parasound Zamp V.3 (SOLD)
Maverick D1 AMP [Modded - LM4562HA metal-top on BrownDog Adapter, Raytheon 5670] (Traded)
Einar VC-01i Balanced (Traded)
Creek OBH-11 [Modded - dual AD797B on Brown Dog Adapter, Elna Silmac, Nichicon Muse] (SOLD)
DIY CMoy (Modded - orpamp LM4562NA ) (Gifted away)
Bottlehead Crack w/Speedball upgrade (Traded)
Audio-gd Roc Balanced (SOLD)
Meridian Explorer DAC/Amp (SOLD)
Vivid Technologies V1 DAC/Amp (Died)
AMB Mini^3 High Performance build (Retired, volume control failure)

Source Inventory

Current Sources:
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
5th gen RWA iMod 60GB
6th gen iPod Nano 8GB
Twisted Pear Balanced Opus DAC
Harmon Kardon HD990 DAC/CD Player
DIY Custom iMod Twin Sonic Caps Dock
Audio-gd DI w/12v PSU v2
Zhaolu v D 1.32 DAC/AMP [Modded - RCA jacks, silver internal wiring to the RCA jacks, replaced clock, BB2604 opamp and dampening on lid]
iFi Nano DSD DAC
Zhaolu v D 2.xx DAC/AMP
RWA Transit USB/SPDIF Converter
Monarchy Audio M22C DAC
Sony NW ZX2
Raspberry Pi 2 w/HQPlayer NAA (2)
Sony UDA-1
SuperStreamer - DIY AudioLinux NUC w/HQPlayer NAA
iFi Micro DSD
Gustard X20u
Fanmusic FM6011 USB/SPDIF Converter
Meridian Explorer2

- - - - -
- - - - -
1st gen iPod 5GB (Dead as a door nail)
2nd gen Shuffle 1GB (Deader than a door nail)
1st gen iPod Nano (Gifted away)
3rd gen Nano 8GB (SOLD)
4th gen Nano 8GB (SOLD)
3rd gen iPod 40GB (Gifted away)
Sansa M250 (Gifted away)
Slim Device SqueezeBox (SOLD)
Hot Audio - DAC Extasy USB (SOLD)
Aune DAC/AMP (Traded)
Valab NOS DAC (Traded)
NuForce uDAC (SOLD)
NuForce uDAC (Another red one) (SOLD)
Behringer UCA-202 (Gifted away)
HA NG USB/SPDIF Converter [Needed one after all, guess not] (SOLD)
4th gen iPod 40GB (SOLD)
Maverick D1 DAC [Modded - opamp LM4562HA metal-top on BrownDog Adapter] (Traded)
M2 Hiface [USB/SPDIF Converter] (SOLD)
HRT iStreamer (SOLD)
2nd gen Green iPod Shuffle 2GB (retired)
JKenny USB-SPDIF MK3 (retired)
Audio-gd REF 5 (SOLD)
Meier Daccord (SOLD)
Meridian Explorer DAC (SOLD)
Vivid Technologies V1 DAC/Amp (Died)

Cable Inventory

Current Cables:
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
ALO iMod SXC Jumbo Cryo Ag/Cu LOD
Neutrik mini-mini interconnect, red Mogami 2893 w/Cardas solder
Whiplash Low Profile TWag LOD
1/8" female to 1/4" TRS using AKG K601 plug and extension
MAC Silver Braided Sound Pipes (RCA Interconnects)
MAC Velvets (RCA Interconnects)
Re-purposed Denon AH-D2000 headphone cable into a Canare F12 mini - RCA
Cullen Digital Coax Cable
Amphenol Glass Fiber Optical Cable
Live Wires XLR
AudioQuest King Cobra RCA Interconnect 1M
AudioQuest Diamondback RCA interconnect 1M
Vampire OFC RCA Interconnect 1.5M
Vampire OFC RCA Interconnect 1M
Wireworld SuperNova 6 Toslink 1M
Zu Audio OxyFuel Coaxial 1M
SoundSilver XLR 1M
Kimber Kable B Bus USB Cable - 5M
Ted Allen OCC XLR 31"
Virtual Dynamics David 2.0 Speaker Cables
- - - - -
- - - - -
LOD Silver with ViaBlue mini interconnect (accidentally destroyed)
APS ER4 'S' Cable (SOLD)
DIY Cat6 Ethernet 16 wire 28 awg twisted w/3 pin XLR to 4-pin XLR covered in Techflex 10ft. (Traded)
DiMarzio Headphone Cable Extension 10 feet (SOLD)
Audio-gd ACSS cables (SOLD)

Power-Related Components

Current Power:
- - - - - - - - - - - -
PS Audio Ultimate Outlet
Belkin PureAV PF30 Home Theater Power Console
Zolt Power Cord
Audio-gd Power Cord
Bottlehead Power Cord Kit
Belkin PureAV PF60 Home Theater Power Console (2)
iFi iPower 9v (3)
Jelly Lung Power Cords (2)

Other Audio Equipment

- - - - - - - -
KEF Reference 103.2
Paradigm CC220 (HT front center)
Paradigm PDR-10 v.3 sub-woofer (HT sub)
Paradigm ADP 190 v.6 (HT rear surround)
Pioneer 12" 3-way
Bose 301
PSB Alpha-Mite
Outlaw M8 Subwoofer
Pioneer SP-41BS-LR
Klipsch Heresy
EPI M202
Omega Super 3T
Omega Super 3S
Pioneer SP-BS22-LR (w/ Dennis Murphy mods)
DIY Pair of Bucket Subs
Realistic Minimus 7 (w/ Zilch & Pete B. mods)
Sony SS-HA3
Tekton Design Satin Red M-Lore
Meadowlark Kestrel
Tekton Design Lore 2.0 (HT Front mains)
Role Audio Kayak

-- G O N E --
AudioEngine A2 (SOLD)
Energy CB 5 (Traded)
JVC 12" 3-way (Donated)
Advent Prodigy (Gifted Away)
Dynaco A25 (SOLD)
Design Acoustic PS-10A (Gifted Away)
DCM QED (Donated)
Original Large Advent (Traded)
EPI M180 (Gifted Away)
Paradigm Legend v3 (Gifted away)
Paradigm CC120 (Gifted away)
Polk SDA CRS+ (Traded)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Bottlehead Quickie w/PJCCS upgrade
Nikko NR-815 Receiver
Maggie Console Pull 8802 [6K6 tubes]
Luxman RX-102 Receiver
NAD T-163 Pre/Processor
Acurus 100x3 Amplifier
Monarchy Audio SM-70 Pro (a pair of mono-blocks)
Crown XLS-1500 (x2)
DIY TPA 3110 Amplifier (x2)
DIY TPA 3116 Amplifier
iFi iPhono
Sony UDA-1 (silver)
BOSOZ - Bride Of Son Of Zen Preamplifier
Pioneer SX626 (restored)
Pioneer VXS-912
McIntosh MHT-200

-- G O N E --
NAD 7120 Integrated Amplifier (Retired and being restored)
Margules Magenta FZ47dB Phono Pre-amp (Traded)
Hafler P-225 Amplifier (Gifted Away)
Yamaha CR-1020 (SOLD)
B&K ST2140 Amplifier (Traded)
B&K PT3 Preamplifier (SOLD)
Heathkit AA-100 (SOLD)
NIkko 7075 (Gifted Away)
Creek OBH 8SE Phono Pre-amp (SOLD)
Rotel RA-980BX Integrated Amplifier (Traded)
Musical Fidelity V-LPS (SOLD)
Emotiva RSP-2 Preamp (SOLD)
Parasound P-3 Preamplifier (SOLD)
Yamaha RX-V540 A/V Receiver (Gifted away)
Dynaco ST-70 (SOLD)
Hafler DH-220 Amplifier (Traded)
Hitachi HCA 8500 MKII Pre-amp (Traded)

- - - - - - -
JVC FX-333 Tuner
JVC XL-M307 CD Changer
HK HD990 CD Player
Oppo DV-981HD
Rega Planar 2 Turntable w/ upgraded motor, Grace 707 Tonearm & AT440MLa
Hafler DH-330 Tuner
NAD 4155 Tuner (modded w/capacitor upgrades)
Marantz 5025 Cassette Deck
Sony Play Station I (for CD play [2])
Rotel RDD 980 CD Transport
Nikko T-950 Tuner
Pioneer 50 CD player

-- G O N E --
Technics SL-5300 Turntable w/Shure ML140HE (SOLD)
AR-XA w/AT and Grado GTC+ cartridge (SOLD)
Technics SL-10 w/EPS-310MC cartridge (SOLD)
JVC QL Y66F w/MC301 (Traded)
JVC TD-W444 Cassette Deck (Donated)
Denon DR-M14HX Cassette Deck (Donated)
Luxman KX-101 Cassette Deck (Traded)
Luxman D113D CD Transport (Dead)

Audio-Related Tweaks

Replaced all 7 capacitors in the Creek OBH-11 with Nichicon Muse and Elna Silmac, along with a Brown Dog Adapter and dual AD797B opamps.
Marigo Signature Mat
Installed audio grade caps in NAD 4155 tuner
2 Green Regens
3 Amber Regens
2 AudioQuest Jitterbugs

Music Preferences

Roon with Tidal/HQPlayer integrated and streamed to a DIY AudioLinux NUC SuperStreamer w/NAA and RPi2 w/NAA (x2) upsampled to DSD256!
Live Dead, Alt Country, Americana, Bluegrass, Female vocalists, Jazz, Pop, World (over 20,000 music files ~ 950GB 80% ALAC)

Interests (non-headphone)

Raising Icelandic Horses and Photography

Gear-Fi (Favorite Non-Audio Gear & Gadgets)

Konica Hexar and Kameraleder Ever-Ready Case

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