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Central Texas

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Army physician

Headphone Inventory

E2C - dead, cable crack... repaired! [solid entry level IEM, very durable]
HD555 -stolen [solid beginner headphone, not the most detailed]
Razer Barracuda
IE7 - dead [mediocre, wide soundstage with relatively forward mids and good bass, poor detail retrieval]
REO x2 - died x2 \= [bright, detailed, solid soundstage for in ear, poor bass]
TF10 -> TF18 - sold
Senn HD600 - sold [solid mid-fi, less forward and less bassy than HD650, solid sound stage]
MEElec M6 x2
Audeze LCD 2.1 - Sold [intimate sound with life-like vocals, excellent imaging, poor soundstage, very dark/treble rolloff]
* T50rp [very similar to portpros with solid bass, decent midrange and rolled treble, good isolation, poor soundstage]
CK10 - broke
SM3 v2 - sold
Monoprice 8320 - crap
Senn HD650 - SOLD
UE metrofi 200 - gone
** SRH440, 840 pads - beaters
MEElec HT-21 - gone
MEElec CC51p - gone
MEElec A151 - gone
**** KOSS PortaPro - Overnight call in the hospital phones
Hifiman HE-500 - sold
Beyer DT1350 - sold
B&W P5 - sold
*** GR06
JVC FXT90 - sold
Senn HD600 - sold
Senn HD800 - sold
***** Shure SE846 - Primary IEMs [impressive sub-bass, excellent bass, forward/intimate/seductive/warm mids, mediocre soundstage, adequate treble without significant sparkle]
vsonic VSD1S -broken
**** vsonic GR07 [solid all-around IEM with quality bass for the price, good soundstage, slight V-shaped, excellent for active-wear IEMs]
Audeze LCD-3F - Sold [excellent detail retrieval, significantly brighter than past offerings, quality bass without quantity, recessed mids + better quality/more quantity in treble relative to darker Audeze, significantly better soundstage than LCD-2 (2.1 or 2.2) at the sacrifice of intimacy]
Audeze Sine - Sold
* Audeze LCD-2.2

Headphone Amp Inventory

ALO Rx- sold
Nuforce HDP - sold
Schiit Valhalla- sold
iBasso D10 - sold
Schiit Lyr x2 -sold x2
Bottlehead Crack - sold
* iBasso D10 - Old faithful, airy and smooth, battery still amazing and competes with today's offerings. Favorite hiking amp/dac.
Venturecraft go-dap - is crap
* RSA Intruder - Primary portable amp/dac

Source Inventory

Cowon D2
iPhone 3GS, 4s
Sansa Clip
Schiit Bifrost - Sold
iBasso DX100 - sold
* FiiO E17 - not bad but lying in disuse somewhere,
FiiO e07k - sold
iBasso D-ZERO - sold
Schiit Bifrost Uber - sold
Sony NWZ-ZX1 - Sold
* Audioquest Dragonfly

Cable Inventory

Null Audio Enyo -crap
Westone ES -sold
Blue Jeans -sold
Chris_himself IEM cable -sold
Custom HD600 MoonAudio cardas -gone
* Blue Jeans stereo IC's
* Effect Audio - RSA/shure Eros
* DHC Symbiote - RSA/shure - SE "Peptide Hybrid" v2 type 4 OCC silver-plated copper litz
* Q-audio silk Audeze

Other Audio Equipment

Remote media PC -> Peachtree Audio NovaPre -> Emotiva XPA-2 -> Magnepan 1.7's

Music Preferences

Anything chill

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