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Midwest, USA

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on 6/13/16

What I do for a living:

IT Monkey

Headphone Inventory

-Stax SR Lambda Normal Bias w/ custom damping, earpads, and headband - Super smooth, detailed, and comfy
-Stax SR-202 w/ custom earpads
-Stax SR-207 - Going to make a DIY 4070 out of this eventually...
-Senheiser HD650 - Bought this again... Mostly use it when it's too humid for the Stax.
-Fostex T50RP - Finally put back together again.
-AKG K601 - Sanity Check for it's DF FR
-Shure SE530 - Old Faithful
-MEElectronicsA151 - CHeap IEM for podcasts and audiobooks to save wear and tear on my SE530s
-Bose QC15 - ANC doesn't get any better
-Sony XB700 - Games with old school synths.
-Koss KSC75 - Sleeping in when speakers aren't an option.

Headphone Amp Inventory

=Electrostatic Headphone Amps=
SRM-T1S - Finally a use for the balanced output on my 2i2
SRM-252S - It pays to have a backup, right?

=Dynamic Headphone Amps=
-Objective2 - Built by Lord Volderort himself
-Leckerton UHA-4 portable DAC/amp combo - Can you live without crossfeed? I know I can't.
-Bottlehead Crack - Not as much use these days

Source Inventory

-DACs from above ^
-Focusrite Scarlett 2i2
-High bitrate MP3s, a sprinkling of Vorbis & FLAC
-Lots of Pandora (Higher quality 192kbps AAC from premium subscription)
-Clip Zip x2 - One for podcasts and audiobooks, one for music. They're so cheap and tiny, why not?

Cable Inventory

DIY, Monoprice, Radio Shack

Power-Related Components

Powervar 12 amp line conditioner - Sucks up spikes and rides out brief brownouts and very brief power cuts. I didn't notice it doing a thing for SQ but the fact that it will now take a direct lightning strike to take out my PC and audio gear is all I was looking for.

Audio-Related Tweaks

Crossfeed or TB Isone, EQ

Music Preferences

Most everything but country and rap.

Gear-Fi (Favorite Non-Audio Gear & Gadgets)

Desktop: "Chimera" ASUS P6T Deluxe V2, Core i7 920 @ 3.7GHz
Laptop: "RaisingHeart" Dell Studio XPS 13

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