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Headphone Inventory

♥ UE Reference Monitor
♥ FitEar C435
♥ JH Audio Angie
♥ Sennheiser HD800

Past Earphones:
[X] AKG K3003
[X] ATH CK10
[X] ATH CK100
[X] ATH CK100Pro
[X] Aurisonics ASG-1Plus
[X] Cardas EM5813
[X] Etymotic ER4PT
[X] FitEar TO GO! 334
[X] FitEar Parterre
[X] FitEar F111
[X] Final Audio Design Piano Forte VIII (FI-DC1602SB)
[X] Final Audio Design Heaven VI-CC
[X] Frogbeats C4
[X] Fostex TE-05
[X] Heir Audio Tzar 350
[X] HiFiMAN RE-600S
[X] Noble 4 Universal
[X] Noble Kaiser 10
[X] Sennheiser IE800
[X] Shure SE-846
[X] Shure SE-535 LTD-J
[X] Sony XBA-30
[X] JVC Victor FX850
[X] JVC Victor FX700
[X] JVC FXZ200
[X] Westone ES5
[X] Westone UM Pro 30
[X] Westone UM Pro 50
[X] Westone W60

Past Headphones:
[X] AKG K702 ANV
[X] ATH-A1000X
[X] ATH-A2000X
[X] ATH-W3000ANV
[X] ATH W1000X
[X] Beyerdynamic T70p
[X] Beyerdynamic DT1350 CC
[X] Beyerdynamic T51P
[X] Denon D7000
[X] Focal Spirit Classic
[X] Focal Spirit Professional
[X] HiFiMan HE-560
[X] Philip Fidelio X1
[X] Sennheiser HD25-1 II
[X] Sennheiser HD25-ALU
[X] Sennheiser Amperior
[X] Sennheiser HD600
[X] Sennheiser HD650
[X] Sennheiser Momentum
[X] Sony MDR-1R
[X] Sony MDR-MA900
[X] Thinksound On1
[X] V-Moda XS

Headphone Amp Inventory

Past Headphone Amps:
[X] Violectric V281
[X] Audio Design Labs Svetlana 2
[X] Lake People G109P
[X] Bottlehead Crack + Speedball
[X] JDSLabs C5D
[X] JDSLabs Objective 2
[X] iQube V2 White
[X] iQube V3
[X] Leckerton UHA-6S MKII
[X] Meier Corda Stepdance
[X] Pico Amp/DAC
[X] Schiit Asgard
[X] iBasso D7
[X] iBasso P4
[X] Oppo HA-2
[X] Fiio E12A IEM Edition

Source Inventory

♥ iPhone 6+ (128GB)
♥ iBasso DX90
♥ Benchmark DAC1 (Sound Affairs Premium Mod)
♥ Teddy Pardo U2S
♥ PPA Studio USB Card V3

[X] Sony Walkman ZX1
[X] iRiver AK120II
[X] iRiver AK120
[X] iRiver AK100II
[X] iRiver RWAK100
[X] iBasso DX100
[X] iBasso DX50
[X] Whipmod + Elite Reference LOD
[X] Cyberlabs Algorhythm Solo
[X] JKenny Ciunas Converter
[X] Eastern Electric Minimax Sabre 9018 DAC (Modified)
[X] Audio-GD DI + PSU
[X] Maverick D1
[X] Meier Corda Stage DAC
[X] PPAStudio USB Card V2

Cable Inventory

♥ TotalDAC D1 USB Cable / Filter
♥ Lifatec Silflex Glass Toslink
♥ Sennheiser CH800S
♥ Blue Jeans Cables
♥ Mezzo Soprano Maestro

Past Cables:
[X] Cardas Clear (HD800)
[X] Cardas Clear Light (RCA-RCA)
[X] Q-Audio Cable (Audeze/HiFiMan/HD800)
[X] DH Labs Revelation RCA
[X] Oyaide Tunami Terzo RR
[X] VDH The Name
[X] Wireworld Equinox 6 RCA-Mini
[X] Whiplash Audio Twag V2
[X] Whiplash Audio Fat Boy LOD
[X] Whiplash Audio SCSCag LOD
[X] Piccolino LOD
[X] Toxic Cable Black Widow
[X] Whiplash Audio Twcu
[X] Whiplash Audio Twag V2 Eclipse OM
[X] Whiplash Audio TWspc OM
[X] Whiplash Audio Twcu Cotton IEM
[X] Wagnus Proton
[X] Moon Audio Silver Dragon IEM Cable
[X] Black Cat Silverstar 75 (BNC-BNC)
[X] DH Labs D75 Coaxial
[X] DH Labs D110 (AES/EBU)
[X] Furutech GT2 USB
[X] Olimex USB Isolator
[X] Oyaide DR510 Coaxial
[X] VDH Digicoupler
[X] VDH Optocoupler MKII Toslink-Mini
[X] Wireworld Starlight USB
[X] Cardas Clear Serial Bus USB
[X] Acoustic Revive USB-1.0SPS (USB)

Power-Related Components

♥ Oyaide MTS-6
♥ DA&T AC Filter

Past Power Cords:
[X] DH Labs Power Plus
[X] DH Labs Red Wave

Other Audio Equipment

♥ Focal Solo6 Be
♥ Focal CMS40

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