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Rochester, Minnesota Area

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2 minutes ago

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Retired to headphone enjoyment, golf fanatic April - October, November!

Headphone Inventory


Hifiman HE-6
Audeze LCD 2 Fazor, Rosewood
Beyerdynamics T1


Fostex TH-500RP
Audeze LCD X,sold
Phillips Fidelio X2,returned
Alpha Prime, second time, sold
Hifiman HE-560, again, sold
Audeze LCD 3 Fazor, sold
Alpha Dogs, detachacble cable modd with mini xlr adater to Alpha Dog connector - second time, sold
ZMF X Vibro, upgrade to Backwood,sold
Oppo PM-2 - returned
Ultrasone Pro 2900, Sold
Hifiman HE-560 - Sold
Oppo PM-1 - returned
Beyerdynamics T1 - detachable cable mod - Sold Twice
Beyerdynamics DT880 600 ohm - detachable cable mod - Sold
Beyerdynamics DT990 600 ohm - detachable cable mod - Sold
Sennheiser HD700 - Sold
Sennheiser HD650 - Sold
Sennheiser HD600 - Sold
Sennheiser HD580 - Sold
Somic MH463 detachable cable mod
Technical Pro HPT990/Takstar HI2050-Takstar HI2050 pads, detachable cable mod
Gemini DJ HSR-1000/Takstar Pro 80-Shure 1940 velour pads, Mogami 2893 cryoed, 4 wire cable - gifted

Hifiman RE272

Headphone Amp Inventory

Denon 2808 AVR, speaker taps, 110wpc
Denon 4800 AVR now vintage, speaker taps, 125wpc

Ming Da MC 84C07 w/NOS Mullard CV2975-2, NOS Mullard CV4035-2 and NOS Mullard EM87.....using speaker taps, 5 wpc!

Fiio E11, portable setup

Source Inventory

Source path:

Lenovo Desktop w/Windows 8.1, jRiver Media Center 18, JPLAY Ultrastream, Kimber USB, iFi Micro IAudioquest Diamond USB, IFI Purifier, iFi Micro I-Link, Zu Ash BNC cable (to Denon 4800), Siliflex glass optical, Oyaide DR-510 BNC to Metrum Octave MKII, Audioquest Colorado Interconnects, to Denon AVR 2808, Audioquest Colorado Interconnects, Zone 2, Ming DA MC 84C07/w NOS Mullard EL88 and NOS Mullard CV4035.

6 - 32gb Micro HD cards filled with flac files for Sansa DAP:

Sansa Clip Zip
Sansa Fuze Rockboxed, Line Out, crossfeed enabled
Sansa Fuze Plus

Cable Inventory

List of Detachable Cables

Norne Solv X
Norne Draug 2
DHC Molecule Extreme, Gone
DHC Fusion Type 4 Litz, 8 wire braid
DHC Peptide Type 4 Litz, 8 wire braid, Gone
DHC Peptide Type 4 Litz, 4 wire braid
DHC Fusion Type 2 Litz 4 wire, Gone
DHC Silver Peptide Pure Silver Type 2 Litz 4 wire, Gone
DHC SPC Type 4 Litz 4 wire, Gone
DHC Synergy Type 4 Litz 6 wire, Gone
ALO Audio 22 awg copper, 4 wire, DIY, Gone
ALO Audio Reference 8, DIY, Gone
ALO SXC 22 awg, 2.5 mm connectors - Gone
Jenna Labs Ultrawire 22 awg 4 wire, Gone
Jenna Labs Ultrawire 22 awg 4 wire, 2.5 mm connectors - Gone
Audioquest King Cobra Interconnects, 12 pair multiple lengths
Audioquest Speaker Cables

VHAudio AC Power cords, DIY, Wattgate plugs
Belden AC Power cords, DIY Wattgate plugs

Power-Related Components

Hafler SL 280 2 Channel Amplifier, John HIlliard mods
NAD C270 Amplifier X 2
Belden Audiophile AC cords w/Wattgate plugs, all components

Other Audio Equipment

Denon AVR 4800 2 channel speaker taps used for headphones only
Denon AVR 2808
Denon DBP-4010 Blu-Ray Player
Pioneer DV-48 CD/DVD Player
Usher X-719, L, C, R
Usher S-520 Surrounds and Surround Backs
MK MX-125 Subwoofer
MK V-75 Subwoofer
Antimode 8033 Subwoofer Equalizer

Music Preferences

Quality Female and Male vocals
Classic Rock
Anything that is Mastered Quality

Interests (non-headphone)

DIY Cables
Golf, golf club building
Family Life

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