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Too old

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Headphone Inventory

Beyer DT880, Sennheiser HD-800, Audeze LCD-2, HiFiMan HE-6, Beyer N1000 electrostatic, Stax Lambda Signature, Stax SR-007 mk1, Koss ESP-950

Headphone Amp Inventory

CK²III, M³, Bijou, X-CAN V3 w/mods, Little Dot MK III, "3 channel" β22, Bottlehead Crack w/Speedball upgr, Audio_GD NFB-10ES, Stax SRM-T1. Also use several "speaker" amplifiers with the HE-6 and LCD-2's: AMC CVT-2030 hybrid MOSFET / EL-34, Mr. Liang 845 SET amp......

[Building a DIY T2]

Source Inventory

Cambridge DAC Magic, Musical Fidelity V-DAC, Audio_GD NFB-10ES, Audio gd DAC-19, Audio-Gd NFB-2, HRT Music Streamer, also some PCs with X-FI sound cards; Squeeze Server with 2 TB of FLAC files (60,000 tracks)

Cable Inventory

Wires made of copper, and insulated

Power-Related Components

G.E. 1000 MW boiling-water fission reactor, located 140 miles from audio system

Other Audio Equipment

DEQX PDC2.6-HD, triamped Magneplanar MG 3.6 speakers, Quad ESL-57's, Red Rose Music Classic Ribbon Speakers, Parasound Z-Phono, Yaqin MS-22b tube phono stage, Pass DIY Pearl phono stage, Bottlehead Eros phono pre, 'Octal' Hagerman Cornet phono pre, H-K Citation II w/ Jim McShayne upmods, two Soderburg modded Forte 4a's, Adcom 555 MKII amp, N.E.W. 20 Amp, two Monarchy SM70- amps (the old, original pure class A ones), AMC CVT-2030 hybrid FET/EL-34 amp, Sugden A25 amp, Mr. Liang 845 SET amp, Parasound HCA1000a amp, VPI Scout with Dynavector 10x5, Sony XDRF1HD tuner, Dynaco FM-3 tuner, piles of misc. NAD gear ( 7600, 7255 and 7240 receivers, CD players, even a three-head cassette deck), Sony portable DAT, Nakamichi MR2, Bunch of mics, mixers, etc., two Behringer DCX 2496 digital xovers, 2-way speakers with 5' SEAS magnesium Excel woofer and SEAS 'Millennium' dome with crossover designed for me by Selah Audio, D.I.Y. 2-way monitor speakers with 5" Fountek ribbons and 6.5" W-cone Focal Midwoofs, two old 6V6 Magnavox stereo tube power amps, two different pairs of floorstanding 3-way DIY speakers with ribbon tweeters designed for triamping, pair of speakers made by putting a top-of-the-line MB Quart 8" 3-way autosound component speaker set into transmission line cabinets based on the Daline design, etc. etc NO ELCASET THOUGH, WHICH MAKES ME SAD :-(

Audio-Related Tweaks

Tweak THIS, you!

Music Preferences

see http://lf.org/milosz/cd

Interests (non-headphone)

People, Norton motorcycles, derivative trading software, Beat-era literature, film noir, science fiction, physics, Indian cookery, enslaving the world via communism

Listen to http://AudioNoir.com and http://InsomniaTheater.com two of my projects

Gear-Fi (Favorite Non-Audio Gear & Gadgets)


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