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Headphone Inventory

Current HPs:
Dunu DN-2000
GMP 450 Pro + double pads.
Rhapsodio RDB v3
T-PEOS H-300
Thinksound On1
Unique Melody 3 driver CI22955 and TWFK30017 + 3 way xover. (universal fit)

HPs Sold, traded or toured:
AKG K271 Mk2
AKG K340 (ES/DYN - med-bass)
AKG K340 w J$ pads (Elec/Dyn)
AKG K702
Audiofly AF78
Aurisonics AX60 (toured)
Beyer DT48 - 8 ohm (1983)
Beyerdynamic DT48e 25ohm (2008)
Beyerdynamic T5p
Denond AH-D5000 w 1/2 Markl mod.
Dita the Answer (non truth edition)
Dunu DN-D1000
Earsonics SM3v2 and v1
Ety ER6i (nooo...it died :( )
FA DBA-02 (returned, was defective). Mk2 - sold
FA FA-002w - 8-step Beech Dark Nut.
Fostex/Smeggy T50RP (beyer pads)
GMP 435S + double pads
JH Audio JH16FP (universals - previous owner had small ears :D ) - sold
Noble 4 (Aus tour)
Pioneer Monitor 10 (1978)
Pioneer Monitor 10R
Senn HD25-1
Shure SE425 (comply tips)
Sony MDR-EX300LP,
Sony MDR-EX500LP,
Sony MDR-EX700SL
Sony MDR-Z1000
Sony XBA-H3 (Aus tour)
Stax SRS-2050a
Stax SR-404 Sig.
Stax SR-507
Sony MDR-CD3000
Sony MDR-EX700LP
Sony MDR-SA5000
T-PEOS H-100RR (died)
UM Mage (universal mold w comply tips) - Returned for a refund
Unique Melody Merlin (universal fit) - sold after 1+y of use
Unique Melody Mentor (universal)
Unique Melody 3x (universal) - toured
Easonics/Unique Melody SM3x8 (Universal mold w comply tips, formerly SM3x6 VS) (tuned between ls8 and miracle)

Headphone Amp Inventory

Current Amps:
Musiland MD30 w faulty screen lol
O2 from Epiphany acoustics

Amps Sold:
3ch Cmoy from fred_fred_2004
Audio-gd NFB-10WM (returned - power or amp section fault with poor low
impedance HP performance)
Musiland MD11
Stax SRM1/MK2 c Rev
Stax SRM-300
Transistor-Amp V3
Yulong D100

Source Inventory

Current Sources:
Musiland MD30 w faulty screen lol
Samsung Note 3

Audio-gd NFB-10WM (returned - power or amp section fault with poor low impedance HP performance)
Benchmark DAC1
Musiland MD11
Musiland US 02
Prometheus DAC w Transformer Upgrade w 2xLME49720HA (USB/Coax)
Yulong D100

Other Audio Equipment

Cowon D2
Cowon D2+
Sandisk Sansa Clip+
Samsung Note 3

Demoed extensively:
Colorfly C3

Music Preferences

Metal (more and more now)

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