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Consumerism is an disgusting disease contributing the corruption of our world

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After a number of years in this hobby, I have gained a wealth of knowledge and understanding. While the forums here provide some great insight at times its predominately clouded with assumptions and misguided information spread by uninformed, under-educated individuals who wrongly influence the majority for a sense of personal fulfillment.

A couple of key points to consider:

a) Everyone hears differently, has different tastes and ideas about what sounds good, flat, neutral, natural, etc. to their ears and describes these thoughts just as differently.
b) With some exceptions (ie. tube/valve devices & higher output impedances) well designed equipment do not impart a distinct sound signature (ie. reviewer A describes item as bright or dark, forward or laid back, etc.)
c) Different/varying degrees of transparency or "flavor" are obtained as equipment is better engineered with lower measured levels of intermodulation and harmonic distortion, flatter and extended frequency response with more linear impedance curves, etc., etc., etc.
d) Diminishing Returns i; spending more won't necessarily equal a marked quality that you can easily identify or perceive in an AB test much less a blind ABX test
e) Diminishing Returns ii: there is no such thing as "better" headphones, after the ~$400 range there are simply different flavors of transparency
e) Playback on audiophile approved equipment with remarkable measured specifications (ie. flat frequency response) does not necessarily equal the holy grail of musicality. They can just as easily be boring, lifeless, sterile and/or unenjoyable
f) Equipment should not be judged on chips, parts, specs, measurements, etc., instead products should be 'graded' on design, implementation and the actual sound, rather enjoyment it produces to your ears
g) Synergy between components is paramount. One piece of gear could be "trash" when used in your system but could be gold in another's. Again...Synergy between components is paramount..

There is some useful information online including measurements, reviews, specifications, testimonials, etc. but none of this information can tell you how any given product will sound to your ears, and if you will actually enjoy it in your system with your music collection. In the end, we will always gravitate towards the gear that is most comfortable, easy to use and fun to listen to.

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Philosophy. Psychology.

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