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Westone is a brand with 30 products on Head-Fi.org.

Posting Guidelines

The following is a set of posting guidelines for Head-Fi. They are derived from the Steve Hoffman Forums and rules I wrote for another forum and essentially cover what is actually enforced by the moderators. They are not absolute rules (except the rule about declaring affiliation). Please see the Head-Fi Terms of Service for those.   Head-Fi is a place for the peaceful and collaborative discussion of personal and portable audio equipment and music. We hope to create an environment that is family-friendly, receptive and educational, not rude or judgmental like many... read more

2012 Head-Fi Holiday Gift Guide (In-Ear)

  • by joeAdministrator

  Introduction Head-Fi Meets Don't Forget the Music Over-Ear In-Ear Wireless Gaming Amps & Other Gear Summit-Fi Power Corner Headphone Cables Desktop Audio Portable Devices Computer Audio         IN-EAR HEADPHONES Universal-Fit In-Ear Monitors       Spider realvoice (around $90) Closed, in-ear, vertical earphone www.spidercable.com The first time I heard the realvoice was at last year’s CanJam @ Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, and I have to admit I was... read more

2013 Head-Fi Summer Buying Guide (In-Ear Headphones)

  • by judeAdministrator

Universal-Fit In-ear Monitors   Sennheiser IE 800   TYPE: Closed, universal-fit in-ear monitor PRICE: Around $900 URL: www.sennheiser.com The mighty Sennheiser HD 800 is, in my opinion, a masterpiece--one of the finest examples of modern headphone innovation and engineering. One of the key figures behind the HD 800's development was Axel Grell, Sennheiser's Product Manager High End. I had wondered in the past about what would happen if you turned... read more

2013 Head-Fi Winter Gift Guide (Cables & Accessories)

Headphone Cables Written by Jude Mansilla   One of the first headphone cable upgrades I ever made--around ten years ago--was with a few rough prototypes Cardas Audio (www.cardas.com) sent me to try out with my Sennheiser HD 600. I wasn't sure what to expect, but the improvements I heard had me ordering their first production headphone cable the moment it was released.   Since that first headphone cable upgrade ten years ago, many headphones in addition to... read more

2013 Head-Fi Winter Gift Guide (In-Ear Headphones)

  • by joeAdministrator

Page 1 | 2 Custom-Fit In-Ear Monitors Like a bespoke suit, custom in-ear monitors (IEMs) are made just for you, molded to the exact shape of your ears (usually by an audiologist). And like a custom suit, custom IEMs are exceptionally comfortable, and usually trés expensive. To my ears, the best custom IEMs are some of the best sounding headphones of any type currently available.   Whichever custom you choose, expect to pay about an additional $50.00 to get... read more

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