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Westone is a brand with 35 products on Head-Fi.org.

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  The internet's truest ever cartoon. The following essentially covers what is actually enforced by the moderators. Please also see the Head-Fi Terms of Service, which includes the Privacy Policy.   ☞ Key points (TLDR summary) ☞ Be excellent to each other. (Don't be a [insert appropriate insult here.]) ☞ Treat others with the same respect and dignity that you would expect back. ☞ Extend your respect to the whole community by creating quality posts threads and reviews. ☞ Before posting something, imagine if everyone was to do as you are about to and if that... read more

Head-Fi Buying Guide (Cables & Accessories)

Head-Fi Buying Guide (In-Ear Headphones) 3

Head-Fi Buying Guide (In-Ear Headphones) 2

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Page 1 | 2 | 3 Torque Audio t096z   Written by Amos Barnett Everyone who is new to Head-Fi will likely be familiar with my most prominent request when asking for suggestions for new headphones or IEMs: Please state the type of music you like. Like headphone models have their own unique frequency response, music does too, depending on the instruments being played and the whims of the mastering engineer to how each is balanced in the mix. To that end,... read more

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