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Schiit Lyr and Schiit Bifrost
By jontron
Jan 20, 2013
Black Lyr
By mhamel
Nov 20, 2013
PRO5MK2's, ESW9's and the W5000's and E7 + E9 Combo
By Butler
Jun 28, 2011
A supero-inferior shot of the Schiit Magni 2 Uber! This is the most "beautiful" radiograph I have produced! There is little image noise, and blackening is consistent all around the amp! This goes to show that a lot of milli-ampere seconds AKA dose creep can really help. (I do not advise using dose creep all the time.)
Anyway, if you've seen pictures of this beauty's viscera on Schiit's website, this should look familiar.
Performed at 66kVp at 20mA at 6000ms. 120 mAs without a grid is a lot! But the aluminum frame is tough schiit to get through! I used an elbow histogram for this image because of similar kVp used for elbows. This resulted in an Exposure Index value of 2! Perfect!
By CaveManta
Apr 17, 2015


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