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The Donnie Darko soundtrack is pretty good. Unfortunately only the score is on sale...
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Well, i have way too many soundtracks by Hans Zimmer and James Horner, so I am not going to list those Instead, I'll mention:

- Hunt for Red October (Basil Poledouris)
- Mars attacks (Danny Elfman)
- Proof of Life (Danny Elfman)
- Big blue (Eric Serra)
- General's daughter (Carter Burwell)
- Gosford park (Patrick Doyle)
- Goldeneye (Eric Serra)
- Scent of a woman (Thomas Newman)
- Pirates of the Caribbean (Klaus Badelt)
- Das Boot (Klaus Doldinger)
- The Thomas Crown Affair (1999) (Bill Conti)
- Tailor of Panama (Shaun Davey)
- A shot at glory (Mark Knopfler)
- Wag the Dog (Mark Knopfler)
- 1492: Conquest of Paradise (Vangelis)

...and tons of others I've forgotten

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"Thief" by Tangerine Dream. Awesome movie. The soundtrack fits right in with the darkness of the story. Michael Mann knows how to pick 'em.
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Adding a few more:
- The Rock
- The Land Before Time
- Star Wars
- The Nightmare Before Christmas
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Anything from Angelo Badalameni who did work on...
-Twin Peaks : Fire Walk With Me
-Lost Highway
-City of Lost Children
and many others.

Snow Falling on Cedars by James Newton Howard.

And I can't forget to mention Danny Elfman (you should know his work).

As for soundtracks:

Cool World
The Crow
Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
Get Shorty
Out of Sight (most of the music is by David Holmes)

I'll stop here.

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Natural Born Killers, Velvet Goldmine, Swallowtail Butterfly, All About Lily Chou-Chou.
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Ghost in the shell (except last song in the CD, which btw is not in the movie)
Spirited Away
Princess Mononoke
Oh Brother where are Thou
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
Lord of the Rings 1
Requiem for a dream
Blade Runner
Kill Bill's
Pulp Fiction
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- Some Kind of Wonderful
- The Saint
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Fright Night
The Crow
Reservoir Dogs
Nightmare Before Christmas
Purple Rain
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Soundtrack.... or ....Movie Score? heh

either way...

5th Element
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The score for Out of Africa by John Barry. It has very lush orchestration with some African touches in places. It won the Academy Award for scoundtracks the year it came out.
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All Thomas Newman's work but especially the HDCD "American Beauty", its clarity and detail is amazing as its emotional power. This has to be my favourite of favourites.

For sheer fun (not audiophile listening) Little Shop of Horrors is a scream (literally). I think Steve Martin sings the dentist song and every time I visit mine it just pops into my head "....I enjoy giving others great pain...".

If only Phantom of the Opera was recorded in a high quality. As it is I love the music but can only just bear the recording.

Master and Commander is also a nice favourite of mine.

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.Hack//Sign OST 1, 2 and Special Collection
Princess Mononoke Original OST
Kenshin OVA OST 1 & 2
Kenshin: Director's Collection
Cowboy Bebop: Knockin on Heaven's Door
Naruto: Best Collection
Fullmetal Alchemist: Best Collection
Saiyuki: Best Collection
Rahxephon: Movie
Pirates of the Carribean
Last of the Mohicans
Phantom of the Opera, Muscial
Snow Wolf Lake, Musical
Infernal Affairs 1,2 & 3
Titanic (NO, JUST KIDDING!!! )
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Final Fantasy VIII - Nobuo Uematsu
Cowboy Bebop - Yokko Kanno (well most of it)

I love Final Fantasy X's soundtrack, too. I haven't checked it out yet, though.
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