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Best Soundtrack?

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Self explanatory..what's your favorite soundtrack?
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It's really difficult to pick just one.. I'll rank my favorites.

1. Klaus Badelt - Pirates of the Carribean
2. Tan Dun - Hero
3. Hans Zimmer (ALL of his soundtracks are awesome, but Gladiator is probably my favorite of his)

- Steve
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I liked the theme song from Edward Scissorhands
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Gladiator followed by Apollo 13.
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Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Absolutely beautiful!!
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Hmmm that's a toughie. Maybe legends of the fall followed by the shawshank redemption.
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Lord of the Rings- Howard Shore
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A few of my favorite soundtracks are...

"American Beauty: The Original Motion Picture Score" - Thomas Newman
"O Brother, Where Art Thou" - Various Artists
"Collateral" - Various Artists
"New York - A Documentary Film: Music from the Soundtrack" - Various Artists
"Lost Highway" - Various Artists
"Braveheart" - London Symphony Orchestra/James Horner
"Black Hawk Down: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack" - Hans Zimmer

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Musical: Broadway soundtrack : "Gypsy - Original Cast Recording"
Musical: Film soundtrack: "The Music Man"
Soundtrack Film: Non-musical: "Barry Lyndon"
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Princess Mononoke OST
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Too many to name the "best," but my favorites are:

- Pirates of the Caribbean: Klaus Badelt
- Gladiator/More Music from the Motion Picture Gladiator: Hans Zimmer
- Dances With Wolves: John Barry
- Exodus: Ernest Gold
- How the West Was Won: Alfred Newman/Ken Darby
- The Patriot: John Williams
- Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Tan Dun/Yo-Yo Ma
- E.T.: John Williams
- Star Wars: John Williams
- Jurassic Park: John Williams
- Ok, pretty much anything scored by John Williams
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Completely out of left field compared to most of these choices, but mine's a tie between Pulp Fiction, Team America: World Police and South Park. I find that the writers of South Park have a clever sense of humor that translates well in song form. And Pulp Fiction has Jungle Boogie and Misirlou, which should say enough.
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Yeah I liked the Pulp Fiction soundtrack. I basically like the soundtracks in all of Quentin Tarintino's movies. He has good taste.
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Believe it or not, the Willow soundtrack is awesome and is also beautifully recorded. I also like the Garden State soundtrack.
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Something interesting to note to people who like both Pirates Of The Caribbean OST and Hans Zimmer: Pirates of the Caribbean OST: Overproduced by Hans Zimmer (from the back of the CD case). Which I think is why there's a song on both that sounds very similar.
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