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Thoughts on Kimber PBJ cable

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I've always read that these interconnects are really good for the money and was considering buying them once I got enough money in my checking account (No I WON'T dip into my savings) to afford an MG Head and this cable.

Anyone else use or hear this cable or have any opinions on it?
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For the money, you can make silver shark ICs which are much, much better. If you aren't the DIY type, try to get someone else to make them, or try

Not that the Kimbers are bad by any means.
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What about the Super Silver II interconnects from Are they any good?
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I like my Kimber PBJ's a lot. Smooth, dynamic, and never flinched at anything I threw at it. However, at ~US$84 for a 1m pair, there's a lot of competition. But mostly, those cables are just different characters. I haven't been able to decide which ones I like. I've been listening to my Pure Silver Sounds a lot, lately. Quite a bit brighter than copper. But it's a smooth bright.
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Silver cables aren't bad bright. I would call them extended bright or neutral bright.
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i still think pbj is a legit reference at under $150 new, but only with the wbt0147 termination. i've read others call them bright or harsh, and i had the same feeling with the ultraplates, but it reaches a certain level of neutrality with upgraded plugs.

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