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Thumbs up!!

I asked Nate to help me getting the parts for building 2 cmoys!! He got everything for me plus a PCB for the millett hibrid and sent eruthung very well packaged!! The transaction was as smoth as possible!! Nate was very pacient helping me with my questions!! Thumbs up for him!!!

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A couple of months ago I got the crazy idea that I needed a maxed out Millet Hybrid. However, I've never built and amp in my life and I missed the group buy.

Enter Nate...

I asked him if he would be willing to build me a Millet for the cost of parts, and not only did he agree, but geez...Nate was very excited about it! I don't think I could have been more involved, considering the fact that I never even picked up a soldering iron

Nate was incredibly professional, prompt, and honest through the entire process. I seriously can't think of anything that could have gone better. The amp turned out perfect, just how I imagined it in my head, and sounds ever better

As if the group buy wasn't a testament to Nate's dedication and enthusiasm for Head-Fi and the DIY scene, I hope this post was!
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I thought my cmoy has pretty much met its fate. I put it up on the FS forums in hope of someone looking for maybe spare parts. However, Nate came around and offered to fix my cmoy at absolutely no charge. I was completely astonished by such generosity. I don't think I've ever came across anyone in forums as nice of a person as Nate. He even shipped it back to me for free. Nate is an absolutely ridiculously great guy!
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Bought a Lite DAC-38 kit from Nate, item was packed extremely well and was shipped promptly. Had a snafu with the shipping address, but this wasn't his fault (creative changes to my address and last name).

Thanks much!
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I sold Nate a set of PCBs for the Morgan Jones amplifier. The whole transaction went very smoothly with prompt payment and great communication throughout. Thanks Nate!

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I bought a pair of sr225s from Nate. Very flexible about the exchange- I was in the area and picked them up at his office. Nice to cut out shipping and Paypal expenses, so he knocked off $10 to boot.
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I bought some shure e2c's off nate, not only was the help given from him fantastic, but the price was also great and the shipping was extremely fast.

Oh, the phones are good too.... lol
Thanks alot man,
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bought an alps pot from nate, even though it was a small item it was well packed and arrived alright none the less. Good communication, will do business with again!
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I bought Nate's PPA v2 board and parts. He has been very helpful and shipped it out VERY quickly at my request. Highly recommended!

Thanks Nate
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Nate sold me a couple of cases, and shipped fast, pleasure to deal wtih. He even insisted on giving a good deal, rather than looking for what the market would sell them at.
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Bought a crossfeed from him - great price, fast shipping, very responsive to questions even after the sale.

In the words of eBay...


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Nate bought a Sony DVD player from me. He communicated well and paid quickly. We were also able to arrange things to save me from the cost and annoyance of shipping the player. Thanks!

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Got the millet hybrid amp from Nate today. He is one of the best on this board and I would not hesitate to do deal with him again. Thanks Nate!
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Purchased a Toshiba SD-3960 DVD player from Nate. Communications were quick and courteous. His shipping was also just as quick, as I had the item in my hands the day after he had it shipped! I would definitely do business with him again. Thanks again!
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Originally Posted by Pappucho
Nate orchestrated and executed the group buy for the Millet Hybrid boards without a single glitch. Thanks for going through the trouble of organizing this. Boards are well made and I look forward to building one of these tube hybrids soon. Thanks Again!
I too got my Millet board from Nate during the groupbuy.

Nate is incredibly organized to have orchestrated the entire group buy so flawlessly.
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