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I got Sylvania 307As from Nate today at the meet, oh sweet Jesus these are fantastic compared the Ken-Rads. Thanks a million for the tube and as another +1

He diagnosed my amp issue and figured out input 1 has some issues! Count this as +2 feedback for him.
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two in a row in a month

Nate did a fix for the issues discovered and did a bang up job, amp sounds silky smooth and even better than ever. I also got 7n7s from him too so I have to give another +2 to Nate
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Wow, this is an impressive feedback thread. Anyway, Nate sold me UE TF10 custom few days back. Great man, good communication, prompt shipment. Wouldn't hesitate to deal with him again.

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Nate hooked me up with a great deal on a Fluke DMM and threw in a few tubes to boot. Shipping was amazingly fast, the packing was superlative, and as always, Nate was a real pleasure to deal with. The Fluke was in amazing condition and works like a charm.

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Nate sold me two pairs of 19J6 tubes -- flawless transaction. Thanks!

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