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amp got here safely, well packaged. thanks!
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I bought his Home-Vibe amp. It arrived quickly, was well-packaged, and communication was good throughout.
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I sold my amp to aznsensazian. He was very communicative and sincere. Two thumbs up!
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aznsensazian bought my Super Mini. Great communication and fast payment. We both had some weirdness with Paypal, but Minh was super cool about fixing it. All aces. I would definitely do business with him again.
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I sold a Altoids Cmoy to aznsensazian — no messing about, fast payment, great communication--the perfect buyer. Highly recommended.
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Bought an Altoids cmoy from aznsensazian. It arrived fast, in excellent condition. It works and sounds great! Would purchase from him again in the future.
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Sold a hd580 to aznsensazian, quick payment, good buyer, highly recommanded!
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Bought a pair of K401s from aznsensazian. Really quick shipment, packed fine, were exactly as depicted. WOuld do business with him again. Thanks!
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Minh is a great buyer...he is decisive, knows what he wants, asks intelligent questions, and is an all round good guy to deal with. Payment was immediate, and he was fast to let me know when the amplifier he bought safely arrived. A credit to Head-Fi.
I would not hesitate to deal with him again.
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Picked up a pair of A500s. great seller. box was packed very well and headphones arrived as described. recommended seller A+++++
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Bought a MINT from Minh, he answered my questions, the amp arrived quickly, great seller!
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Bought a Chaintech AV-710 from Minh. Shipped promptly and was friendly and helpful throughout. Oh, and the music sounds fantastic from this card. A good guy to deal with here, folks!
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I bought a headphone cable from aznsensazian and it came just as described - and it sounds great. Good communication, quick shippment and the cable was packed very carefully. I'd do business with him again anytime. Thanks aznsensazian!
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Sold a 0404 to aznsensazian, paid promptly and excellent communication!
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Bought a Supermini v2 from Minh. He responded immediately and shipped extremely fast. Package arrived safe and sound soon after. I love the little Supermini, it makes all the difference with my Beyerdynamic DT 770-80's and U2. Thanks Minh!! You get a super high recommendation from me.
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