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Audio&Me, what the Equinox does is slightly push the midrange forward in balance with everything else. This seems to make HD-600s have more resolution without the fatiguing affect of bright treble. The big bass of the Clou has seem to disappear, but I'm gonna try to bring some of it back by tube rolling, and interconnects.
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msjjr: How long time have you burned in these cables? I have a Red Clou cable but am confused about the Cardas - Equinox choice. A cabel can sound a little etched because it is so in that system, or because it is not burned in enough.
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I burned it in about 72 hours, but if someone can tell me that's not enough than I'd be happy to make the comparison again. I am waiting to hear about a used HD 600 so I can directly A/B the cables myself at the "same time" with a splitter to my amp.
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72 hours should be enough according to my own experience. I am suspicious about cables said to need hundreds of hours to burn in. If that is the case, why don't the manufacturer do a basic burn in so you can listen to the cable soon after you bought it?
Direct A-B comparison should not be necessary - a distinct difference in sonic character is perceivable without that. In some cases it becomes more evident during long listening sessions rather than 1-minute switches.
So there are still two contenders - Cardas and Equinox. I suspect that this is dependant on both system and personal preferences.
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