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Stefan Equinox

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Would all those who have tried it and/or own it, please post your thoughts on the cable? User reviews would be very helpful. I know jude did a wonderful job, but more comments = more insight. Some hi-res photos would be nice too.
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Stephan Audio Art Equinox

Audio&Me, I've got one of these comming, and I'll let you know what I think. The way Jude described it with it's smooth treble, great fast bass, bass extention, and soundstaging made me freak. Sounds like a cable made in heaven to me. Really makes me want to hear it.
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Yah I'm saving up, dying to hear it.
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It would be hard to add any more useful information other than what Jude has so unselfishly provided. But maybe my thoughts will somewhat reinforce what has already been said.

I haven't tried the Clou or Cardas and went straight from stock to Equinox. What I found was that the highs were very detailed without being harsh. From what I have read the Clou can have harsh highs which may or may not be system dependent. I enjoy how you can hear a cymbal crash naturally decay instead of just being there and then gone.

Good solid non flabby bass. The cable is even-handed across the whole frequency range. To my ears I cannot hear anything peaky or dippy.

The level of detail and resolution this cable provides makes a real improvement when I am tube rolling. With the stock cable subtle differences between tubes are now more pronounced and the many flavors of tubes can now be more easily discerned.
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Could you describe its midrange for me?
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The midrange to me is "neutral" meaning it doesn't have a different character than the highs or lows. This is a big plus for me because I would much prefer having as neutral a cable as possible so I can play with the sound by rolling tubes with/for different types of music. With a specialty cable like this it is too expensive to tune your system by changing cables. So to repeat myself I will say that I find the cable to be very even-handed across the whole frequency range. I am afraid this probably doesn't answer your question sufficiently.

I was going to edit the previous post but instead will just add what I forgot here. Going from the stock cable to the Equinox gives a bigger less compressed soundstage. A lot more "air" between the instruments.
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"Smooth treble", and "great soundstage" has been previously acknowledged. These two are traits I really like. Now, the missing links are "rich/lush midrange", "sweet/liquidy highs", "warm tone", and "deep refined bass". Throw all that together and you've got me dazed in la la land thinking I got dropped in the Elysian Fields.
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Stephan Audio Art Equinox

This cable is very different from the Clou Red sonically. First thing I noticed was the detail, speed, control, and extension in the bass.
I hear a larger soundstage with sweet detail in the treble. The midrange is silky smooth with absolutely no sibilance. This is definitely a cable that maximizes what the HD-600s are trying to portray.
As much as I like this cable over the Clou, there will be some treble freaks that will not like it. If you are one that thinks the HD-600 are dark you may be better off with the Cardas, or Clou.
If you have a brighter sounding solid-state that you are trying to tame this is the perfect cable for you.
I will say that it is very easy to tell the difference sonically between the Clou, and the Equinox.
I will admit, that in my search for the right interconnects I will not be scared to try out a more neutral, or transparent set, because of the recent purchase of this cable.
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Originally posted by Audio&Me
"Smooth treble", and "great soundstage" has been previously acknowledged. These two are traits I really like. Now, the missing links are "rich/lush midrange", "sweet/liquidy highs", "warm tone", and "deep refined bass". Throw all that together and you've got me dazed in la la land thinking I got dropped in the Elysian Fields.
Then, I think your in for a surprise. Please post right after your jaw hits the floor.
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Midrange of HD-600s

I would also like to say that the Equinox seems to bring the midrange slightly forward. Sounds similiar to Etymotic midrange balance wise. I really think this cable would change some people's minds about the HD-600s if they heard it.
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Crescendopower, what amp did you use with this cable? I have only tube amps, so I'm wondering if the Equinox will be too "polite".
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Kim, I use the Wheatfield HA-2 which in my opinon is the smoothest sounding amp on earth. All the equinox does to my system is compliment what I am trying to achieve. Never, have I heard a simple cable change that transformed a good system into a killer one. Also, it is unbelieveable to me how detailed this cable really is being that it is so musical. Usually, you pay a price for a really smooth system, and that price is detail. Not with this cable, no way.
As for how the Equinox will sound in your sytem, with your tastes, I don't know. All I can say is with the last 2 purchases I have made, I truly believe the upgrade path is over. O.K. I might play with different interconnect, or tubes, but the rest of my equipment stays. PERIOD!
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I've got the Equinox and the Cardas and A/B'd them on my HD600's through my Sugden Headmaster and I definitely prefer the Equinox. In this setup, to my ears, the midrange is definitely more lush especially noted on female jazz vocals. It just sounds more "musical to me". I was convinced from Jude's review that I would prefer the Cardas. The Cardas do have greater treble, but to me it sounds a little "etched". I also find the bass deeper, more punchy and definitely wider soundstage with the Equinox.
I should add (bit off topic) that the Headmaster gives the HD 600's a more forward sound in the midrange than the stock cable/other amp combo.

All of this is just my opinion of course so to those of you that prefer the Cardas/Clou/any other amp combos, don't flame me. I'm not stopping you from preferring your choices.
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What amp are you using? Forward is not good, I like laid back. Otherwise, I'm still mopping the floor of drool.
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I'm using the Sugden Headmaster. When I said more forward, I meant relative to the stock HD600 sound. It isn't really a forward sounding system.
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