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I made a trade with Lou. He is a great guy to deal with, honest and courteous. Highly recommended!
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I made a purchase from Lou. His #1 concern is making sure that you know exactly what you are getting, and that you are happy with it. I recommend him highly...

5 headphones on a 5 phone scale!!!
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I bought the V900 from Lou, and my experience with him was awesome. He was very nice to do cross-shipping for me. I highly recommend him. Thanks Lou!

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i bought a Fixup mini from LTUCCI1924, received it very quickly! thanks fo the great deal
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I bought a pair of AT A100Ti's from Lou. He sent the headphones the same day he received my money order.

Lou is a nice and honest guy. Very smooth transaction.

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Bought the PX100's and 200's from Lou, as well as ither items in the past. Lou is a great guy to deal with. A true gentleman who knows his stuff. It's alays a treat to see him, and would buy from him again in a minute.
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Traded some equipment with Lou today. As always the man is a gentleman. He was very gracious in meeting me today, and very much went out of his way to accomodate me. Wouldn't hesitate to deal with again.
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I have to tell you this......LOU has got to be one of the most honest and pleasurable person I have had the opportunity to deal with in my life.

I bought a brand new Sony e10 from him. Unknown to Lou at the time, it had a defect with some sound settings. I contacted Lou about it, and since it was a brand new product bought from Hyperjack, we arranged to ship it back to hyperjack for an exchange. Not only did Lou pay for the expensive express shipping back to Japan, he reshipped the unit via quick priority mail back to me when Hyperjack sent him a new unit.

So I got the unit from him, originally, for a good price, then he paid for the shipping to japan, and he AGAIN paid for shipping when he got the new unit to send it back to me!!

And all this defectiveness of the product was NOT even his fault!

In fact, I tried to talk him OUT of doing this but he insisted that he pay for the shipping as he feels "obligated".

My friends, where on EARTH would you find a seller so sincere.

I just had to share my experience with everyone.

Hats off to you Lou.......I sincerely thank you for everything and god bless ya!

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a gentleman

Mr. Louis is a rare find in todays society. I purchased his JMT maxed meta, and I wonder which performs better, the amp or Louis when it comes to communicating with people. He will make your experience a personal one. I reccomend Lou very highly and hope to have the opportunity to do business with him again in the future. GREAT GUY, and genuine. Thanks again Lou.
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bump HI: Sorry for the bump. I did it so a new member could fine it. It wont happen again.
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Purchased his Sony MZ-N707 Minidisc recorder. Everything is in great condition and Lou is very quick to respond to any question you may have. Thanks man!
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I bought a pair of v-600's (I know, I know...they suck blah, blah) For thirty bucks with a free pair of Jensen earphones (Don't even....don't even) They came quickly, beautifully packed in perfect condition. Buy from this guy anytime.
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Bought a pair of Sennheiser HD590's with an Equinox cable from him. Good communication, quick shipping, and open to suggestions. Everything was in minty-fresh condition.

Would definitely trade with Lou again.
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Shipped as promised and fast communication. Easy + friendly to deal with. Will buy/sell again from/to Lou.
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Great transaction with Lou! He bought a pair of pads from me, paid promptly, and was patient with me through shipping delays..

Thanks much Lou!
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