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Art DI/O cabling

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I received my Art DI/O today and realized that it uses 1/4" connectors for it's analog output. My amp of course uses RCA. What cable would you recommend I use? I don't have the money for anything expensive, just something decent.

Oh ya, I was reading through this thread and noticed that people were saying that the Art DI/O's digital inputs used 100ohm coax. Is this true? I bought a 75ohm Acoustic Research cable, is this suitable? Would it be better to use 100ohm ones?
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You can get a 1/4" -> RCA adapter at radioshack for a temporary fix... the better options are to:

Get a Calrad teflon insulated gold rca adapter (hard to find)
Get a boldercables type 1 or 2 for the DI/O cable (
Modify the DI/O to have RCA output
Build your own cable

As for the digital cable, dont worry about it, the 75ohm cable isn't 75ohm anyway. Some have tried changing the input resistor to 75ohms from 100ohms also, I'm not sure how it sounds.
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Thanks for the advice. I looked for the radioshack adapters, but couldn't find any in their "higher end" section (only some cheaper ones). I was able to find some 1/4" to RCA Monster Cable (SL500I-CM). But I live in Canada and it's harder to get these things (i'd rather not do mail order since i would be spending half the money just for shipping).

The bolder cables are too much for me. Which Calrad cables are you refering to?
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Thanks a lot, I found it. Is there anything in between the price of the Bolder Cables and the Radio shack ones (below $50).
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If you can solder:

3 ft of DH-Labs BL-1 cable @ $3.50/ft = 10.50

1 pr Cardas GRCM @14.50/pr= 14.50
(you'll need to use heat shrink for strain relief)
1 pr DH-Labs SSX @ 13.50/pr= 13.50
(easier to work with)
1 pr DH-Labs RCA2 @ 22.00/pr= 22.00
(nicer connector for BL-1)

2 Neutrik NP2C-B 1/4" mono phone plugs@ 3.69 ea 7.36

Add in shipping, and you'll still be well under $50, with the parts needed to make a really nice pair of 18" audiophile grade RCA to phone cables.
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