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Oh and on rule 1 I mean if you post non-audiophile related stuff on MY BLOG.  I couldn't care less what your do on your blog.  Also, I forgot to mention another rule, which is no pics of crappy stuff, like skullcandy, unless it's an exception to the rule, like the skullcandy aviators.  Thanks!

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I have a webpage with a blog.  I mainly use it to review and comment on stuff I own, but the page that discusses my home office setup gets (by far) the most hits since it has been featured on Apartment Therapy, Lifehacker, and many other sites around the world.  


I put together a site to discuss my interests several years ago thanks to a buddy letting me have some spare space on his server, but moved to Weebly last year, which is a much easier interface for someone like me that just does it for fun.  

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So, for those of you at all interested, here is a screenshot.  Also, I never heard back from you guys who thought you wanted to co-run the blog.  Any of you still interested?

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Take it to the PM's sister.

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Kirosia has self-therapy blog scribbled with belligerent nonsense, much like his forum posts but even less purposed

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Not to be that guy but what is a PM? 

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Oh ok gotcha.  Well to be fair, I made the blog in the vain hope that I could somehow use it to get free headphones.  Unfortunately I have been unable to find any headphone company PR departments lax enough to fall for my idea of "I'll photograph and review them on my blog," so as of yet the blog has been essentially worthless.  Which is why I want other people to do something with it, because maybe they can popularize it and I can reap in the benefits (free headphones).

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I have two blogs, one about anime/manga/eroge which averages a few thousand hits a day, and another one about my personal life which averages four to five hits a day.

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This is a place to flaunt blogs aye? Then mine is a piss-poor attempt at trying to combine my two most recent (one newfound and one reincarnated) hobbies: anime & manga and headphonedom. It's in my sig.

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I actually like your blog a lot, it's very tastefully done.

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Haha, thanks.

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Originally Posted by shaunybaby View Post

One reason why you should not buy e books


This picture caught my eye, a pair of Martin Logan Sequels hybrid electrostatic speakers.


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I'm posting it.

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