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Bought Tarek's TF10s. Packaging on item was excellent, and they performed flawlessly. Communication was smooth throughout transaction. I would highly recommend him to any other buyer.
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Bought Tarek's HD650 with the Kimber cable, cans were well packed and in beautifull condition. I must as well commend him for his patience and kindly presence as I hadn't used paypal in over a year and made error after error until things finally came together.
One of the best head-fiers I've ever done business with, a true audio saint.
The cans sound great btw, listening to "A Love Supreme" with my old mentor Jimmy Garrison on bass. Gotta buy lots more stuff!
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bought audio-gd dac19 dsp from tarek. would not hesitate to recommend! tarek was very accommodating and patient when answering my many questions, making it a very pleasant and smooth transaction.

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