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Originally Posted by wovenhand View Post
"Why So Serious?" from The Dark Knight OST by Hans Zimmer / James Newton Howard.
Seconded. Also nearly anything in the trance area of electronica has some serious low notes. Hotaka by Juno Reactor has to be the best.

I also have a CD designed to push the limits of a car sub. One track has some bass hits that define "hit" for me. Might have blown the seals on my real windows with normal listening levels.
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This is CERTAINLY one of my favorites...when that sounds starts vibrating your ears and going back and forth, it really feels like your brain is gonna ooze out through your nose.  Intense! 

Originally Posted by wovenhand View Post

"Why So Serious?" from The Dark Knight OST by Hans Zimmer / James Newton Howard.
At 03:27 there's like a LPF on the whole mix and the low end is just insane. Listening on headphones it feels like your head is being compressed to the point of imploding.
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Thom Yorke - Black Swan


Kills my ears every time I listen to it.


I also like Boards of Canada - Peacock Tail for some deep, melodic bass

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i like to use Starstruck by Lady Gaga to test bass, goes pretty damn deep i think

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I don't really listen to drum and bass these days but Black Sun empire and Noisia have produced a couple that I'd put on the list -


Arrakis, Homeworld, Cosmos are probably contenders.


Otherwise maybe Basshead by Bassnectar (go figure).


Teleskop by Alter Breed.


Senses by Neelix...incredible tune.

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Spacek - curvatia

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Couple I can think of:


Buddy Guy - "Baby Please Don't Leave Me" from Sweet Tea - Absolutely vicious overdriven bass starting after the count-off at the beginning.  I use this song constantly as a test of how well a set of speakers or headphones handles bass.


Chevelle - "Comfortable Liar" from Wonder What's Next - A nice subterranean thump happens regularly throughout the song.  Another great air-mover and if you don't have a good sub for your speakers or a good set of bassy cans, forget about hearing it reproduced correctly.


Infected Mushroom - "I'm The Supervisor" from IM The Supervisor - Great electronic bass in this song and it's enough to clean out your ears if you expose yourself to it regularly.  biggrin.gif

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Originally Posted by Silver View Post

The first track of Massive Attack's Mezzanine(corect spelling?) produces incredibly deep bass.

my pick

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Anything from 2Live Crew or any Miami booty bass track if your familiar with it.

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It isn't bass drums but it is bass. The first couple of minutes of Symphony No. 3 by Henryk Gorecki is so low that unless you have a pretty good system or have the volume up you probably won't realize it has started. Not everyone's cup of tea musically, but a great record for checking out your system's bass response.

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Day and Night - Kid Kudi possibly

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Phaeleh - Afterglow @ 0:27 Drops like crazy. 


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Bjork's album Biophilia has some great songs with low vibes...

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Used to use LL Cool J's Goin back to Cali for crank it up car contests. (kind of dating myself here...)


I've heard that same synth bass in Sk8ter Boi mentioned upthread. Pink's Like A Pill does something similar. For rock stuff, Iced Earth gets pretty low, as does Rush when Geddy Lee gets on the bass pedals.


A drop tuned palm-muted guitar can be really heavy on the bass as well, nearly percussive. Think Metallica's black album (specifically Sad But True) and Anthrax - Got The Time

Some of Steve Vai's guitar work with the extreme whammy bar and octave effect can generate some major low end too. He's also orchestrated some of his songs - Live with The Holland Metropole. BIG sound on that DVD.

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Originally Posted by DLeeWebb View Post

I don't know if sonically it has the deepest bass, but the soundtrack to "Swordfish" [Paul Oakenfold] destroyed the woofers in my Audi A4. They had to be replaced. I was playing the disc at a volume that was at the same setting as it had been for many other discs. I replaced the speakers and sold the disc...

One of THE most amazing sounding movies as well...love the sound of the movie and the soundtrack both.
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