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I always listen to miami bass group Bass Outlaws's track "3 Kinds of Bass", it's good to test the LFE unit in my 2.1 system:



I'm usually into metal, but I like this genre a lot.

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 Darn I wanted to post this and then I did a search and of course someone already did but it was about 10 years ago! :)



 Spoiler, check around the 2:20 mark if you don't want to hear the whole thing.

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Crazy dope track with some serious bass.

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Back 'in the day' when I installed some of the most kick ass car audio, this was my favourite track (Chemical Bros - Under The Infleunce) to really loosen up the big speakers and warm everything up. Oh My GOD........ one particular guy just loved his audio and had a commercial 4x4 just so he could get as much kit into it. He got the pro head unit and some thumping amps with the best subs and speaker combo we could arrange - just under €5k at the time. Took him out for a test drive, parked up once he seemed happy and then stuck this track on and upped the volume. I felt sick from my kidneys and internals being hit by the bass. We got his lil' air freshener to bounce around  on the rear view mirror. He just couldn't stop smiling. Loved his sounds. Takes me back everytime. Great tune.

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