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Congratulations, both Nick and aeberbach, on your new toys. I hope you enjoy them. I'm curious about the sound of those things, but because of their appearance, I'm not that curious. If my wife ever saw me wearing those things, flaps wide open, I'm pretty sure it would be the end of my headphone acquisitions, to say nothing of my sex life.
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Audio&Me sez:
Poopy midrange? Awww, you scared me away now Nick.
Good. Now you won't pester me to borrow them!

Actually, the midrange is quite nice... it's just that the MG Head OTL setup handles it better with more detail, too. I do believe that a proper tube amp would make the AKG-K1000 better in almost every regard.

Since a AKG/Parasound system is essentially the same price as a MG Head OTL/Cardas/Sennheiser 600 system... it's hard to recommend one over the other. After New Toy Syndrome wears off, I'll have a better idea of which one I'd rather keep.

The AKG's are killer headphones, no doubt about it. Headroom's price makes them almost irresistible!
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Originally posted by Nick Dangerous
Ah well, to each their own. I think they look really cool... like a neo-industrial piece of art. Aside from the woody phones like the R10 and AT's, I think they are the best looking headphones I've ever seen.

Well, make that 3rd best. Let's face it, Grado's have a kickass appearance.
I agree on both counts, Nick. Grados look shweet (although I don't think I'll ever buy another pair again--too many headaches regarding design), and in my opinion, the K1000s do look cool.
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Using a subwoofer yet?
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Hey, don't rush them! They are still grinning over the impact that those things deliver. When that wears off then they can add the missing bottom octave and start grinning all over again!

Boy, this brings back memories. Congratulations. You guys are going to have a blast with those cans.

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They're back in their box under my desk now. I have reconnected the speakers that I usually have connected to the amp, and am considering bringing out the ASL wave monoblocks to power the AKGs, with the Melos as pre - that should bring the midrange up :-) Of course that means I'll have to get around to rebuilding/rewiring them to try and solve the hum issues, and maybe get some nice tubes...

But where to put them? When space is an issue the fact that these cans demand a power amp makes them very inconvenient.

If only Stereo Exchange would return just one of my phone calls I could find out when my CD player is coming back from repair and start to plan this properly.

brought out the monoblocks - the expected midrange is all there. You haven't heard "KID A" to its potential until you've heard it through K1000.
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I find myself wanting those Paraglows like yesterday.

My solid-state amplification for the K1000 is rendering the midrange with a touch of harshness. Granted, no mere mortal would dare call the K1000's "harsh" in any way had he not have previously purchased a MG Head OTL w/Sylvania tube.

It's a toss-up. I love the K1000's unbeatable soundstage, but the MG Head OTL/Senn 580 combo gives me that tubey goodness I crave. If tube amplification will gift the K1000 with that wonderful tube magic... it will soundly knock the MG Head OTL system from its lofty perch.
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My K1000 should be here tomorrow or so. But the amp will not take a couple of weeks. Damn, I'm getting excited over the thought of the AQ1005DTI paired with the K1000, especially how headroom raves about the combo.
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Ah, crap aeberbach. As a radiohead fanatic, it pains me to hear you say that when the K1000s are so impractical to me.
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Hey, how many of you knew that the temple pads slide outward to become wider? Seems more comfortable this way and it's certainly more secure.
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Just go my AKG-K1000s today from headroom...

Initial impressions... unique design (thx for the tip on the pads sliding out). Sound like a detailed HD-600 (when compared to my Grado RS-1's). I don't want to say it's a cross between the two, but it does seem to present more detailed information than the HD-600, but without the "colorations" of the Grado (or the emphasis on the highs).

It's obviously not broken in yet, but for $399, it's a great buy...

Only downside to these phones is that they look really silly, but it's the sound that counts, right?

Oh, another thing, having a design that doesn't have actual contact with one's ears does contribute greatly to the comfort factor.
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By the way, I'm running these out of an Audio Analogue Puccini 50 Watt integrated amp. The source is a Sony XA-20ES single disk CD player. The amp seems to handle the 120 Ohm load just fine with the volume at 9 o'clock at normal listening levels.
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Thanks for the reminder. I did know about the sliding pads, and that helps a little bit, but the main comfort issue for me is that there are still four small pressure points pressing on my head that make it uncomfortable after a while. If the red double-band part were more flexible or wider, the phones would be much more comfortable. It may just be me, as I find my head tends to be wider than normal.

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I think that there is a caution in the owner's manual which states:

"Under no circumstances should you look in a mirror while wearing these headphones"

If there's not, there should be.

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LOL! The K1000s and the stax earspeakers are sooo ugly... but apparently they sound pretty good... has anyone hooked the k1000s up to a ZOTL? It may be the ugliest combo ever, but I'd bet it sounds good.
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