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^ which?
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here is my case guys!

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here's mine! got it about a month ago.

Zen Micro 5GB (came with extras; stand, pouch, case, belt clip)
Little Dot Micro
Grado SR80 (portable use will mostly be with KSC35 or Eggos)
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Here's my Zen with its most recent freinds, my new self built Cmoy and my portaPros.

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i just orderded a silver ZM!
it won't get here until next monday though
i was looking at all the pictures on here last night and saw those altoid cases!
i thought they were pretty cool so i stopped at the store and bought some and i'm working on it right now
so far it looks pretty cool
anyways i'll try to post some pictures when it's done
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I'm thinking of getting a micro myself. Was thinking of the black one till someone posted the pic of the red one. Sooo getting the red one now =D I was just thinking, how good is the sound quality of the micro compared to the ipod nano,5G ipod and the Vision:M? Is it a noticeable change in quality between the micro and the other DAPs? Or just very slight ones where audiophilies are able to detect? Thanks in advance because the sound quality's the deciding factor for me. I've read reviews that it sounds better than the ipod mini so I'm wondering how it compares to today's DAPs?
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Zen Micro has very good sound quality out of the headphone jack. Much better than my old Nomad IIc, and a few other flash players I've tried. Go for it! You won't be sorry.
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idunno if this has been said but some of you carry not one but TWO altoids tins.... so heres my question, do you guys ever get asked for an altoid??
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Originally Posted by rockit


ZEN MICRO PHOTO- it looks tiny! whats up with the lights? it looks messed up?

Just curious, how did you get the 2 different face colours?
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Thanks for the reply skudmunky. I am aware that the micro has good sound quality but I wanna know how it stands against the ipod nano,5G ipod and the Vision:M? If it sounds just as good or even better than the ipod nano I'm getting it =D
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I got my Zen Micro last week, I don`t have a picture but I got the silver one.

I`m very happy with it EXCEPT the color actually, I expected the silver one to look more like...well silver and not as gray as it actually is.
Kind of strange couse the picture on the box would indicate otherwise.
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my zen micro 5gb

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Here's my beautiful 8Gb Zen MicroPhoto

And my 5Gb Zen Micro

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