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What Are You Listening To Right Now? [#3?]  

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I am listening to "Funeral" by Arcade Fire. I am loving this disc. There isn't a bad track. I hear Roger Waters, Modest Mouse, The Waterboys and even a hint of Dirty Three. What a great sound...

I get the greatest recommendations here at head-fi. What are you listening to right now? What are your spontaneous thoughts or feelings about what you're listening to?
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Breakfast At Tiffany's (title track) - Henry Mancini
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Yeah, Arcade Fire is a good one. I hear a lot of David Bowie in it myself but they're all over the map. Right now I'm listening to the upcoming new M83 Before Dawn Heals Us that Kingblind put up at his site today. Pretty nice so far - seems different from the last one. Hope this one gets an early US release instead of waiting a year like the last one.

Before that it was the very cool Augie March Strange Bird. Brian Wilson and Van Dyke Parks leading the Flaming Lips? Hehehe, that silly description apparently comes courtesy of Rolling Stone, at least according to the review blurbs at amazon.com. Just picked this one up a couple days ago along with that great new Autolux album I posted about earlier and all the rain falling today coupled with no work gave me the opportunity to give it some extra listening time and it really is very nice. I hear a lot of Kinks goodness in it myself. The softer, literate, non-garage band Kinks that comes out on their epic albums like Village Green and Arthur. Of course, a band that takes its name from the great American novel by Saul Bellows would be expected to have a literary bent, and they do, I guess. But the words never get in the way of the music, they work together as they should, both supporting each other. Apparently it was released in their native Australia way back in 2002 on BMG and received a great deal of critical acclaim, but spinART just recently released it here in the US, also to a bit of critical acclaim. So what to call it, a 2002 or 2004 release? Well, as is my non-anally retentive practice, my copy says 2004 on the back and so that's what it is. A song or two remind me a bit of David Kilgour from New Zealand's Clean, but moreso from his recent solo work with the Lambchop backing. Some of it is on the precious side, like that BW/VDP connection mentioned above. It has a lush sound that could almost be described as ornate. Reminds me a bit of the experimental pop side of Robert Wyatt, fragile but not as quite soft and feathery like Wyatt. Lots of piano and strings. A little resemblence to the Arcade Fire album, but seems more fully developed. Comes with a couple videos that you can also watch at their site. Here is the first song from the album called "The Vineyard". Enjoy (or not ).
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I appreciate that you share your extensive, vivid descriptions of music. I have found your descriptions to be accurate and your recommendations to be sound. You have steered me in the right direction several times now. Your various posts have gotten me on to Dirty Three, and Arcade Fire just to give two examples. Autolux and Pinback are on the way. Thanks!

BTW: Right now I'm listening to "The Delivery Man" - Elvis Costello
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Pink Floyd - Us and Them
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The Rapture - House of Jealous Lovers on the home stereo/theatre.
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Modest Mouse - Good News For People Who Love Bad News
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haha uhm.. christian rock?

chris tomlin - not to us
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artist: Ibrahim Ferrer
album: Buenos Hermanos
song: La Musica Cubana

I've had this on repeat for a few times already. I like to listen to the same song for a few times then move on. I need to get in a groove because I'm about to do some work. Or maybe I'll procrastinate and watch a movie. hmm......
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the grammy nominee cds from '94 - '04 have been goin all day
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Artist- Iron and Wine
Album- Our Endless Numbered days
Song- On your wings

(Absolutely beautiful album btw..)
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Brandtson - Dial in Sounds

"Anything and Everything"

In my humble opinion one of the most underrated rock bands churning out albums today. Nothing beats the driving guitars, the dual intertwining vocalists, and the lovelorn, lost, and determined lyrics. Nearly every song is a pop rock gem IMO and that says a lot being that they've released four full lengths and two EPs.
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Sarah McLachlan - Fallen (from Afterglow)

I reckon this album sounds awesome
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小雨 (small rain)
世界第一等 (world wait #1)
留不得 (dont know the translation - however this is what babelfish said 'Remains does not have'

yep all three on repeat
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i take that really is chinese and not my macintosh having trouble trying to read the last post.
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