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RCA cable question

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What type of difference will it make if i upgrade the stock rca cables that came with my cd player? right now my system is:

sony scd-c222es -> rca cable-> mg head otl -> beyer dt831

just wondering if anybody has a similar setup and would be curious to hear how upgrading the rca cables has changed the sound. the rca cable i have right now isn't very long so i wouldn't imagine that it would adversly affect the sound all that much.
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Hi tone, and welcome to Head-Fi. You have a great system there with the interconnects being your weak link, if you're using the stock ICs. There is a great thread in the Cables Forum regarding budget interconnects, check it out here: Best $100 interconnects

In fact, I am moving your thread into that forum. Hope this helps.
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You would be surprised by how much of a difference cabling makes. I went from Monster Cable --> Radioshack Gold ---> Kimber ---> DIY Silver Shark w/ WBT plugs, and each step made a large difference in transparency, blackness/noisefloor, and tonality. The DIY Silver Sharks just had a tonal rightness that the other cables couldn't match. It was like all the instruments were not properly tuned with the other cables in comparison.
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thanks for the response guys,

from the thread JMT pointed me to it looks like the outlaw cables are a good bang fer your buck cable (i'll have to check out the silver sharks next).

i know when i switched from the cheapo guitar plug cable to a monster guitar to amp cable it made a world of difference in the quality of the sound. i guess its time to replace those rca cables now. my poor wallet!
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