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Sigur Ros "Agaetis byrjun"-- headphone candy.

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The recording quality is above average, though certainly not in the all-time best category. It's the music itself that is ideally suited to headphone listening.

The group is Icelandic and the singer supposedly sings in a made-up language, sort of like the singer from Cocteau Twins used to do. This music exists solely for its own sake just to be beautiful. They use primarily rock and roll instruments but do not play them like "regular" rock bands. The guitars use a lot of feedback, but it's not unpleasant. There are strings in there as well.

The effect is a sort of swooning, peaceful, drifting, trippy ride.

Supposedly, when the band plays live, people spontaneously burst into tears. I can see why, it's really pretty.

They are young and this is only their first album. One can hardly imagine where they'll be 3-4 albums from now! Check it out if the description appeals to you.

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I agree markl! I think Sigur Ros is one of the best post-rock bands around. The singer probably has the strangest but also the most beautiful voice I've ever heard in rock music.
I am going to see them play live at the Werchter festival next weekend.. can't wait!
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I also love that album! I just picked it up because it finally came out in the US so I didn't have to import it. It's cool that the singer plays his guitar with a bow, making a different type of sound.

Oh and this is not their first album. They have another one called Von, which I haven't heard yet. And I think Sigur Ros mostly use icelandic lyrics, but sometimes the singer makes them sound a bit different (I think he calls it Hopelandic).
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