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ATech Fabrication HeatSync Case

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ATech Fabrication HeatSync Case has been updated.

Wow! No prcing listed yet, but sure to be expensive, but amazing. It will still be cheaper than Zalman's fanless beast.


Check out the link above for more pics of the innards.

I like the design and layout, the only issue I see is the hard drive. While it is nicely decoupled, it does nothing for the idle whine noise.

If there was room for a 5.25" drive, a SmartDrive2002 could work nicely.

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Now that looks very interesting indeed. I think it needs more in the way of confirmed Athlon 64 compatability, front-panel USB ports, and HD mounting space, but otherwise looks quite sexy indeed. I like their choice of power supply (Antec Phantom 350w) in particular.

Should be interesting to see what silentpcreview thinks of it.
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I agree with the great choice of the Antec Phantom PSU. I just replaced my Antec Sonata's 380 PSU with the Phantom and the voltage rails are more stable and the lack of fan noise is a nice bonus. The ATech case looks very promising, especially if it will be somewhat reasonable (and there is a spot for a nice 92mm Panaflo 90L1A @ 5V if required). Nice find, ED - this could be the ultimate music server/gaming machine for those without the luxury of 2 separate machines (space issues, cost, etc.).
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If the hard drive was inside a small enclosure inside to dampen the idle whine noise, I'd be seriously tempted to buy this beauty. It looks really huge in the pics, but it's actually quite small compared to other desktop type HTPC cases, if you look at the pics of the insides.

But of course, I am finishing up this already, so I'm not in the market to buy another quite yet.

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It looks about as big as a mid tower on its side. It probably will be as big as the standard full size amp or cd player. The only thing is you are going to be paying a ton for it since that company is known for high prices.
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