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My Diva Swan M-200 Review...

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Hey all. I did a review for a set of multimedia speakers. The review is in draft form, but I still wrote it...
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Well, I just read the whole thing there, and I must say it was a pretty good review. But, I'd reccomend to tone down on the superlatives a bit, they make it sound like you are advertising them . That was a lot for my mind to absorb in 10 minutes.
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Yes, I am going to be doing that in the next two weeks as I edit it....
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Hey! Who moved this? I thought it belonged in General Discussion!
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Considering this is a review of speakers, it belongs in the "Cables, Power, Tweaks, Speakers, Accessories, Etc." Forum.
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All this time, and I didn't notice that!

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Good review. (even if it does read a little like ad copy ) They look like interesting speakers as well.
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They look like a nice set of PC speakers but are way too big. I used to own a pair of the Jamo multimedia speakers and they were huge like these also. I'm currently using a pair of Sony SRS-Z500 speakers which are tiny compared to these.
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Yea, they are a bit big, aren't they? Still, they DO look nice on my desk! Very professional!

I'm still editing the review...
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I suppose it might depend on the size and layout of your desk, too.
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