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Thanks guys!

How do these compare to something like the Kimber Hero and the lower end Nordost cables like the Black Night, Solar Wind and Blue Heaven?
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For a little more money, cardas neutral reference.
Can't go wrong.
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Originally Posted by KR...
Of course, please ONLY suggest IC's that you actually HEARD YOURSELF

How do these compare to something like the Kimber Hero and the lower end Nordost cables like the Black Night, Solar Wind and Blue Heaven?
I had a pair of Blue Heaven for more than a year (sold yesterday matter of fact) and I would describe them as 'clean' sounding, best with warm systems. Speaking of value for the dollar I could not really distinguish them from the cheaper Signal cable's Analog Two with eichmann bullet plug. My Arcam has two pairs of RCA outputs and I had another person connect both the Blue Heaven and Analog Two, jumping back and forth via remote and it was a toss up which I was listening to.

I think the old established companies like Nordost or Cardas are grossly overcharging. I look to newer upstart companies which sometimes have decades in the wire business, just not the consumer audio cable business.
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Another vote for Grover's SR cables here. Nice!
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Check out heartlandcables on ebay. The sell some nice looking IC's using Eichmann Bullet plugs and Belden 89259 cable. Both of which are very popular in the DIY scene for good reason. the sell the 1.0m cables for under $50 and I doubt you could purchse the supplies for these for that, let alone build them and market them. Just an option.
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I think everyone knows I am big fan of Grover SR II $125 pair, so good for so little money I could live with these and never worry about future cable upgrades. (money better spent elsewhere in system)

As fas as Kimber Hero, I had some of these 5+ years ago and have gone through several ugrades since then......there are better ICs for same price like Grovers.
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You can make something very nice for a fraction of your budget. For example, I used Home-Grown Audio connectors and Canare Starquad cable for my main set. Now I have a bunch of 20 AWG sliver-plated wire which I intend to match with some Eichmann Bullets to make an even better cable (I need a longer cable for my new listening area).

Edit: Forgot about one of the rules.
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I just ordered a custom cable from Grover. Can't wait to try it out!
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Im surprised no one has mentioned VH Audio's Pulsars. Very well reviewed by all who have purchased them, this guys products almost never show up on the used market. I love them. They have a very clean, airy sound with tight bass. At first listen I was surprised at the seperation of instruments and soundstage depth. Check them out, this guy is a pleasure to deal with.
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pulsars are probably a bit out of budget.
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Originally Posted by tiberian
pulsars are probably a bit out of budget.
Unless you DIY. WBT midline connectors 16x4=$64 . Pulsar Wire 6x4.99=$29.94
Other stuff- about $5.
You can even go upto the WBT Nextgen (cu) connectors, $105 for 4 and its just a bit over your budget.
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What about the Wireworld Equinox 5? Anyone got to try them?
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Originally Posted by NotoriousBIG_PJ
If you want neutrality/transparency, go for the grover reference mkII. If you want something smoother and with more warmth, win an auction on some aural thrills beryillum copper ic's. Each cable is very fast and detailed, with a large and focused sound stage. If you want something with a softer/sweeter sound, get a cable that uses the gold tri-alloy wire, thought I find the highs of the tri-alloy cables to not be as good as the other two cables.
Biggie, any cables you listen to lately reject hum well?? Triple shielded seems to be a requirement in my home, AKA Hum Central.

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Synergistic Research cables are warm yet detailed. I think they are silver plated copper. I liked them but while I was switching components they no longer matched my system. Get them used for $100 and you wont be sorry.
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Has anyone compared the Belden 89259 based cables to the Grover, Bogdan, Headphile, Nitrogen, vdH, etc.?
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