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oh yeah, I forgot to post about this before...

I know that there are a number of people who have bought pelican cases or others for storing their gear while not in use. I recently bought a vanguard case, model VGC-3201, and it is perfect for storing my D-25, wall wart, and SR-001 MK2 while they are not in use. The case can be found for about $20, though the one I bought is the smallest in the vanguard line.

The build quality seems excellent to me, I would highly recommend it!

I am thinking about getting a slightly larger one to store my HD-600. If they have one that would exactly fit the foam piece that the HD-600 came with, I would buy it in an instant!

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Another case of interest can be found at All Electronics corp. It is a black media case by Belkin, and perfectly sits the Stax amplifier, MD player, 15 Mini-Discs and the headphones (with headband. It is padded and soft.

It has three pouches, with special zippered cord exits, which enable connecting the MD, Stax amplifier and a battery case.

Also reasonably priced at 6 bucks.
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It would be cool if one could purchase the nice box that the Sennheiser HD600's are stored in.

Just a got a pair last week and must say that i'm impressed with the whole package.

I usually just hang my headphones on the Wall brackets from my Rega Turntable but this isn't the best solution.

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