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Nikko NR-819

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My girl friend gave me this reciever that belonged to her father (Her parents are divorced. She lives with her mother, and the reciever was left behind).

Now this reciever surprised me as it drove my speakers quite well. Its an old vintage model and after doing a google, I came up with the specs (45w x 2). I am using it at my computer right now, and hope to get some monitors to go with it.

The surprising thing is that the headphone out sounds pretty clean, and seems very powerful. It was the best I think I have ever heard my 497s.

Thing is it seems to be an anonymous brand/amp in the vintage world and its hard to find any info on it. Does anyone here no anything about this or can give impressions on this thing?

I tried AudioKarma but I cant seem to get to post on that forum for some strange reason so cant ask about it.

To my ears, it sounds good, but I didnt critically listen to it compared to my current setup to see if I found any flaws or weaknesses.

If you have heard it or any model close to it I would be greatful for your opinions.
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Can't give you any definitive info, only anecdotal. I recall Tech-Hifi stores selling the Nikko line back in the late 70's. They made better-than-average receivers (sort of how NAD is considered today), and some really nice separates (amps, preamps, tuners). I don't know what happened to the company, but they seemed to fade into history with little fanfare. Congrats on your score (and free no-less)!
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I got a Nikko NR 719 at a garage sale for $7.  I was blown away by its clarity and every time I would turn it on, I would be struck by the quality of sound. I had never heard of the brand before and I always questioned the quality of my own ears, so I figured that it was just a matter of a good match for somebody with a tin ear. I ended up selling it to make room for other equipment and I immediately regretted it. (I was using it in my garage.) I have since acquired a 7075 and the quality is there, too. To these blobs of flesh that hang on the side of my head, these are some of the best receivers I've ever heard. There doesn't seem to be any extraneous sound coming through the airwaves. I have had Yamaha, Sansui and NAD receivers and I don't find them to be significantly better then the Nikkos for just listening.

You can read an extended thread at Audiokarma about the NR819 that follows an early post wondering about the Nikko brand that quickly transforms from a negative response by an audio snob who had never heard of them into an avalanche of praise for the quality of Nikko receivers and amps. I'm beginning to trust my ears better after reading those posts from people who know so much more than I do.

Apparently, the company made transistors or something and the owner's daughter married an audiophile who got his wish to start building quality sound equipment/components. I think they were fairly expensive and couldn't compete in the existing market. The company ended up going in another direction, ceramics. Coincidentally, my girlfriend owns some Nikko dishes.

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