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Free Vibration-Dampening Tweak

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Hey, all. Free tweak time:

On an evil-grin-on-my-face whim, I requested a Tempur-Pedic sample pack, which includes a video, brochure and...wait for it...a sample block of the Tempur-Pedic material (this reminds me of the Belden Cable Sample Scheme).

The stuff is queer and squishy and weight-supportive. If you have a pillow or matress (my pillow is a Tempur-Pedic), you'll know what this is like.

Anyhow, I've cut it into four squares and stuck it under my DVD-A player's legs and am in the process of comparison. The sound is a bit more spacious, especially on the extreme top end. A little less grating, if you will.

I'll post more later when I've more time.

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Good find, Matt! Vibration damping works.
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I tried this tweak, buit had troubles with my CD going to sleep................
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Re: Free Vibration-Dampening Tweak

Originally posted by Matt
On an evil-grin-on-my-face whim, I requested a Tempur-Pedic sample pack, which includes a video, brochure and...wait for it...a sample block of the Tempur-Pedic material (this reminds me of the Belden Cable Sample Scheme).
Tell us. Where can we get this "free sample" pack?
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Never mind......found it!!

If anybody else wants to try this stuff....
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Oh joy! There are solid results.

First off, the most noticeable thing has been soundstaging. It has fairly exploded, gained more definition between instruments (air around them) and has somewhat "relaxed" to a more comfortable state.

Secondly, the bass through my ATH-W100's has actually *reduced* in general heft and also lost a bit of weight (by that I mean "flabbiness") but it has tightened and defined considerably. None of these were negatives, as I felt the bass response WAS way too flabby and uncontrolled.

This material is pretty kewl.

Third, it seems like overall transparency and naturalness of foreground and background events has beceome more effortless. It's nice and pleasing to listen to, it makes you want to keep on listening. It was "clear and effortless" before, now it's "clear and alive-effortless."

I don't know how to further qualify this (to those of you who might think I mean it has relaxed and become less I mean is that it sounds more effortless.

Also, a handful of grain and electronic glare has been removed. Yay. I think my next project on this side of things is my IC's.

I would say that the overall impact for me has been of the magnitude (to my ears) of the upgrade from the Grado SR-80's to the SR-125's or maybe the 225's (probably right in between). For a silly little tweak, that's a lot. Anyhow, for what it's worth, the impact on the overall sound has been pretty great...maybe it's not the best vibration dampening material or whatever, but it has done a pretty marvelous task for me...and you can't beat the price!

- Matt

p.s. Not shillin', I'm serious: these matresses are really what they say they are. They're wonderful, we have one. You can get otherwise new demo models on eBay for like $800 for a king (the lowest retail price is like $999 for the super-micro one in stores that sell them)!
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wow, nice to see the change was so dramatic and beneficial to you. in my my system and to my ears most tweaks are rather subtle, and it's the compounding of tweaks that makes a dramatic difference. have you tried taking it a step further and mass loading your source (a dictionary or a solid book should work as an experiment)? should make a dramtic change if your dvd-a player is responsive.

incidentally, i almost always find that absorbtion materials (vibrapods, aq feet, squishy balls from the supermarket) slow down the perceived pace in my setups, but that isolation that alows for a "floating" component (partially inflated innertube under mdf, rollerblocks) leads to pretty dramatic changes, sometimes good, sometimes bad. seems that you've found a material that's a good mix between those two techniques.

tweakers unite!
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Can you explain...

...more about the mass loading thing? Do you know exactly what it does (to the inner workings) or why it works?

I will surely try it...I've plenty of heavy books around. Is it "the heavier the better"?

Also, I'd imagine that mass loading it would make the Tempur-Pedic material squish down more, reducing it's suspension properties. What do you think of that?

In any event, I'll just try it and see what happens.

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hey matt,
the idea of mass loading (as i understand it) is to change the resonant frequency of the component. by adding to the mass of the top cover it will, in theory, be less likely to vibrate or ring in space.

as for the increased weight, more isn't necessarily better - please experiment. a book works simply because the pages will help absorb vibration, as well as the mass it adds to the component. some people use sand... i've found a barbell weight on a mouse pad works well and keeps aesthetics. the vibration absorbing material you're using should retain it's properties as long as it's not completely flattened. since it's a small contact area they should dip down quite a bit, but the combination of that and mass loading may be beneficial.

you'll post your results?

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What a crock of shit!

I just got my Tempur-Pedic package. No video. No foam. Just a lousy I sent in another request. Hopefully this time, I'll get more free stuff
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haven't received anything.....

Am thinking about plopping down like $10 at a local CompUSA for a 3M mousepad and then cut it up and use that.
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....I should have added this:

"They send you an information packet first, then a few days later you receive the video and sample."

I don't know why; maybe to better persuade you to buy. Who knows...anyhow, it should be at your door soon. Hey, if they send you a second one, you can cut each sample into two (instead of four) and have larger blocks. The more the merrier, I say.

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Sweet. SAving $10....wohoo! LoL

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When I got a brochure and no pads, I thought I missed out on the deal... I'll report back when I get the rest of the kit. I'll compare it with vibrapods.
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Heh... I signed up twice, I guess I wonder if they will actually follow-through and send me two packets. I didn't give them my e-mail address, so I guess I'll know when I don't get anything more in 2 weeks.

I gotta try this tweak on my CD turntables

EDIT: W00! I got my sample today. Say, this stuff is pretty neat! I wouldn't mind sleeping on a mattress like this...I'll see how it works, and report my findings...unfourtunately, I'm not sure if I have any sources or any cabling that would pass any benefits on to my Porta Corda
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