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Originally Posted by MD1032
As I've expressed before, my parents don't support my audio hobby much at all.
At least you have an SR-80. To get the KSC-35 was an uphill battle...
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hehe, just wearing my koss UR30s in public gets me some heavy stares, and they are meant to be "urban"
people just look at me like "wow hes crazy, i wonder whats so special about those massive headphones"
haha, its irritating though, even walking around with buds here will get you minor stares.
im probably gonna buy a friend's senns soon, not sure what model they are, but they are well decent. ive tried them, they are a little on the bright side, but it depends on the music i reckon. (im gonna borrow them and see)
id really like to get a decent headphone collection and use different headphones for different music and moods.
ill build a headphone amp probably when ive got time.
im probably gonna get some KSC75s for walking around, then i can take them everywhere.
ive got the zen micro, which is ridiculously small.

ive gotta say though, that i never enjoy my mobile musical experiences as much as i have in my car or at home. the main problem is storage capacity, im always stuck listening to **** i dont feel like listening to.
the zen micro is only 5GB. before that i had a mp3 cd player.
my music collection is about 90GB, about to almost double when my rock friends attempt to get me to (their) dark side.
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Originally Posted by blessingx
My friend who collects spoons hasn't had the courage to say anything.
Hahahahahahahahaha, I practically fell of my chair with that one!

Well in response to the threads question, I would say my parents support my hobby. They really support me in almost anything I do which is great. It takes some time to get them to understand why I take up certain hobbies and whats going about those hobbies but after that they fully back me up once they have the data.
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for my $.02...

my parents are impartial to it... mainly because they don't know how much any of it costs

most of my friends are impartial as well. they know that i'm in a different league than they are (they're them bose-addicts), so they give me the stare, then the respect of my opinion which they admit is probably better than that of a bose-lover. A couple, though, gave in. one is spending lots of $$$ on an all around set of minirigs. the other immediately gave in (and i mean immediately) after he auditioned the sr225's at my request. and, of course, i got people to buy an hd580 and a couple hd280's.

my roommate just ignores me

as for those in my dorm building... well, they either don't notice (whew!) or they're just wide-eyed about my setup.... or half of it
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I once had my friend wear 25sp in public .. and wow do people really stare at her. Apparently not a natural sight around here.
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