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Originally Posted by Bill Ward
The strange looks I get don't come from the equipment. Most of it is relatively inconspicuous, and I don't talk about the money. People just assume it's a nice rig and move on. My usual response to questions is simply to give an audition, and that explains everything.

What gets a WTF response is the music collection. A wall of CD storage makes a fairly conspicuous decorating statement.

Same here, since my equipment is quite pedestrian when compared to some of the head-fiers. However, people generally gasped out loud when they see my, in my opinion, modest music collection.

"You paid HOW MUCH for that CD??!!"
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I went from computer stuff to audio. I like to think of that as an improvement.

I get a lot of:
"Why don't you just download music?"
"You paid that much and don't even have surround sound?"
"What is the point of headphones that let noise in?"
"Turn it up. I can't even hear anything."
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When I told my dad that the package from Digikey was parts to build a headphone amp, he asked me "Why do you need an amp for headphones?"

I laughed.

One of the other girls at work asked me why I needed an amplifier for my headphones, and then after I explained it to her, proceeded to tell everyone that I built a "boombox for her headphones."

I thought it was funny. =P
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Originally Posted by gsferrari
I may end up on some tibetian mountain with a loin cloth and a bottle of mineral water...meditating...

with Shure E5's and my Rio Karma and an SR-71 of course
and a hell of a LOT of batteries..
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Everyone thinks I am nuts

I help host regular Lan parties and when I showed up with the first revision of my system (headroom MOH, 650/w zu, headphile ICs) at a Lan everyone was all "YOU SPENT *WHAT* FOR THAT?"
I managed to convert someone that day to the likes of headphones, he promptly bought my old stuff so he could start the journey.

Every monthly Lan after that more and more people are begging me to hear my setup. The one comming up on new years im having a few people do a doubleblind test of different music formats to try and prove them wrong. They "claim" theres no difference between cd audio and a 128kbps mp3. They think highrez audio is completley stupid.
They will be proven wrong

I keep getting more and more questions about headphones on our Lan forums so ive sparked intrest in everyone, espically those who have heard it. They normally use that $20 plantronics headset for listening to music, the look on their face when they hear my stuff is priceless.
Im on my way of converting all the regulars to this hobby.

Resistance is futile
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people think i am a weirdo when they see all my power cords...
my roommates were very surprised when i made my own PC, IC, modded my outlet box and nearly blew myself up.
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Originally Posted by tiberian
people think i am a weirdo when they see all my power cords...
my roommates were very surprised when i made my own PC, IC, modded my outlet box and nearly blew myself up.
I am about to get my first aftermarket powercord, so I should get more gasps and shocked looks.

This coming year, my system may go the "separates" route with a separate power amp and outboard phono pre-amp....certainly will cause much discussion when people see it.
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I used to get many strange looks walking around with Senn HD-25's on my head. But now I am semi-safe with some Ety's.
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I usually try to confine my headphones into my room, with the exception of Shure E3C's which look like earbuds. I tried listening to Grados on a bus, and I got some pretty weird stares there. My parents were initially hesitant to believe that the more expensive equipment is very much better until I let them listen to the Grados and the main comment they had is "It doesn't sound like the music is muffled up in my head!", which I guess means that they think it was worth it. They would never spend money on audio, but they say so long as it's my money, they won't stop me from spending it. Also, my friends are audio freaks too
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It was either collect expensive Japanese swords or this. I found this to be a tad bit more satisfying and it doesn't make me look like a weapon collecting psycho (but it does make me look like a big nerd ) Someday I hope to afford to do both...
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The day I brought some ER-6i's into the office was full of weird looks. Being used to headphones off the street costing 1/100th of the price

Wait till I start using Westone EM-2s or ER-4s
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I do get the occasional sarcastic or disbelieving comment from some of my friends about my rig being complete overkill. Of course, they haven't ever heard it. If they ever asked to listen, of course I would let them, but I haven't gone out of my way to try and get them to listen... nah, that would be complete overkill, hehe.
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Originally Posted by Todd R
He was converted, and he talked about it for 2 days straight at work, but no one else was convinced.
Over here it's easier ... I've converted 3 office colleagues simply by lending sportapro (we got to start small). You should see the smile on their face.

For stares .. people in the office already accepted hd25 on my head. I did try using 271s once, but that was also the last time.

As of audio hobby - nobody understands why I have more than 10 cass decks ... but neither do I.

Originally Posted by adhoc
and a hell of a LOT of batteries..
Why should he ... he'll be staying at Four Seasons tibet mountain resort.
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For me, it's been great. My dad loves his music so he supports my spending. He's even going to get the Grado RS-1's and an amp after listening to my stuff. (probably RA-1) My brother is a huge car audio enthusiast and is pretty much a guru in that area so he is all about it! I also live in a very musically inclined/artsy area where I get a lot of looks (of the good nature) from people. I have had all sorts of people (yes, even girls!) come up to me and ask me about my portable rig. The audio world has been good to me and I in turn thank the audio gods!
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i been getting really strange and curious looks from my family. I've got the HD650+ZU plugged in to the Home Theatre, its also covered with a shirt for 2 weeks 24/7. I keep assuring them that I know it is on and that I was using it. They kept asking and giving me strange looks, I didn't want to explain the burn-in process to them so I told them I like to listen to it(from another room).
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