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Do you get strange looks?

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Those of us who participate at Head-Fi are extrememly serious about sound quality, whether through headphones and/or speakers. So what are the reactions of your friends/family/neighborbors when they learn of your hobby?
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My friend who collects spoons hasn't had the courage to say anything.
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Sometimes I have to hear a joke or two about this hobby (mostly concerning cables) from my friends like "Why don't you ask the professor about some superconducting cables?" or "Does gold sound the best?". In the end, they always like coming to my place and always happen to have a CD or two in their bag. The best way, however, is to convert them to the dark side. If they only knew how good gold cables can sound

Originally Posted by blessingx
My friend who collects spoons hasn't had the courage to say anything.
I almost choked.
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Everyone thought I was insane before I joined head-fi. My spending a few thousand on bike stuff didn't help. My spending $300+ on a pair of headphones just confirmed my insanity to most people. Most people I know don't grasp the concept of a headphone amp.
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my parents have disowned me.
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As I've expressed before, my parents don't support my audio hobby much at all.
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I've been playing with little isolation tweaks lately, so there are discarded tennis balls and racquetballs cut in half lying all over the house. My parents are amused. My girlfriend used to mock me for the procession of components that went in and out. I think the people who work the mailroom at my dormitory think I'm up to something unusual as well, with packages coming in and going out at a steady rate. Other than that, I get told to turn the volume down pretty regularly. Oh well.
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nothing i do surprises anyone unless something burns down or blows up so it was mostly a non event .
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I think my father approves, since he knows I'm not putting together some kind of Gigawatt amp system or something
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My family thinks that I am out of my mind. When I try to get them to listen to the difference between a 128 aac file and a lossless file they walk away shaking their heads. When I wanted to hold a meet at my house, surprisingly my wife supported it and my kids ran for the hills.
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My friends think I am mad. They dont understand why I cant live with a $200 all in one Sony system. As far as they are concerned the quality of the Sony is the same or better!! I laugh of course, My cables cost more than that mini system!!

My brothers understand, as they have the bug as well, but they thought I bought wild until they heard it

My parents accept it as I am old enough to waste my own money.

So in all, the people that count the most accept and understand, and thats all that matters

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When people look at my Naim system they tend to say 'where are the flashing lights/supermeggaturbofingloud button' - philistines!
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'where are the flashing lights/supermeggaturbofingloud button' !
At my house of course ! Right next to the lava lamp and color organ
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Spoons? How bizarre...
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It's a pretty strange hobby.

What I have problem understanding are those brand-named handbags! They are like thousands of dollars!
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