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Ety Seal - Impossible?!

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Well I am pleased with the sound of the Ety ER-4P that I received today, but I am having an impossible time achieving any sort of seal that will last more than a few minutes. That was fine for the tests I ran earlier (for a few minutes each), but now that I am trying to do some serious listening, I am beginning to think that the Ety's might not be for me, after all.

The white tips are completely useless, no matter how much I try to achieve a seal with them. I can occasionally achieve a seal on the right ear only, but wearing the damn thing is unbearably painful (and I am NOT being overtly dramatic on this point), to say the least. I've had a bit more success with the black tips. I can achieve a seal with them, at least, but the very slightest movement I make loses it. Even in place, though, it does seem rather painful.

I've followed all tips and instructions from the Etymotic site and what I could find at this forum, but I've yet to find a way that makes the seal hold. Nor can I eliminate the excruciating discomfort. Am I doing something wrong here, or do I just need bigger foam tips?

Has anyone experienced this? I suppose there might be some people whose ears just aren't built for using Ety's. I hate to think that I may be one of them.

Any suggestions?
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I have the Er-6 but I've tried my friend's Er-4s and personally they're kinda similar. Anyways, at first I have to admit, etys are painful. For getting a good seal, u might always want to try wetting it. Play around with them for a couple of weeks, I didnt get a really good seal for about a week. I'm not too sure about this but hopefully someone can help me out here but personally the etys go in really deep... to the point that u dont see the grooves anymore. Another friend of mine who has the Er-6 puts them in quite shallow so i guess it depends on the type of ears u have and the type of sound u like. Hope this helps.
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Well, I'll be damned.

Did a more extensive search on this forum and found the solution!

Inserting the Ety's at the 45 degree angle is the way to do it!

Not only did I solve the seal problem (I can even use the white tips now!) but it took care of the discomfort problem as well.

Etymotic REALLY should mention this in the manual!!!!
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Forgot to mention that when using the proper 45 degree angle insertion method (sorry, lost the other open window and cannot give credit to where it's due!) I don't even find it necessary to moisten the tips.

NOW these Ety's are frightfully AMAZING.
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Pepzhez: Once you learn the anatomical configuration of your ear canal getting a good seal is easy. We somehow think that our ear canals are set at 90 degrees to vertical, but 45 degrees is closer to reality. Also, don't forget the "magical tug" on the top of your ear once you get the plugs inserted. It relieves the pressure build-up that you get with inserting the plugs without having to retract the plugs.
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