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Grado SR 325 for recording? :::

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I was wondering if the Grado 325 would be good to use for recording/mixing/monitoring purposes [in home]?

Is the fact that it's supra-aural have any downside to monitoring?

Would it be better to save & opt for the Grado RS-1?

Do they make a version with a one-sided wire? I really dislike the wire on both sides

thanks for any help!!
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It would be very wrong to use the Grados for mixing IMO...

You'd have a warm sound which you would under-account for whilst mixing, which means that everyone else would hear a cold - disjointed sound...

A firm favourite for mixing (ask Mike Walker - he's had them since the 1980s) are Sony MDR-V6s... very clear across the whole audio spectrum - although maybe the bass is a shade too heavy for ultimate clarity mixes... can't win them all...

maybe Sennheiser HD-25? - I haven't heard these, so i'm not sure - but so far as I'm aware they are well reviewed - Steer clear of the cheaper HD-25SP though, they are very poor cousins (or - are the models the other way around?! - whichever - opt for the more expensive ones!)
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You would most definitley not want to use a grado. As Duncan said they are way to warm for your purposes. Also the Grado is far to open for what you want. I would second the V6 recommendation (Or for a little more the 7506.)

For recording what you really want is a closed can that is VERY neutral. (Pretty much the Description of the V6.)
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so for recording purposes........

how about the beyer 250-250, beyer 250-80, senn 770 Pro, senn HD280 pro?

compared with the V6?

*okay, well, that scratches out the grado for my purposes*

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