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For some this is reality but...

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If you could, what would you get for the sweetest home set up?

(I know Orpheus is going to be up there, and so will alot of others, but what about something less, or more realistic.)

And I mean everything from source to amp to headphones, and everything inbetween.
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Cary CD-303/200 - Bolder Type 2 or Cardas Golden Cross interconnect (saving up to try these two) Cary CAD-300SEI integrated - Stefan AudioArt Equinox cable (haven't heard it yet, but will try asap) - Sennheiser HD600

I also want to try Music Hall MMF-7 and Rega Planar 25, don't know about phono stage.

I plan on actually making this reality btw, just check profile.
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*puts on multiple layers of flame-retardant clothing* *grabs a few fire extinguishers*:

The ultimate home setup, be it fantasy or within realistic range, doesn't include headphones of any kind! There are things (real imaging? viscereal bass?) that headphones just don't do, *period. Ever.

My fantasy setup:

1) Venture Audio Grand Excellence Diamond SE speakers, with the diamond Accuton tweeter

2) GamuT S600 M monobloc amplifiers. 600 watts @ 8 ohms, true power doubling down to 1 ohm or 1/2 an ohm.

3) Conrad-Johnson Art Revision II preamp. 'nuff said.

4) Either the dCS Verdi/dCS Purcell/dCS Elgar Plus combo as source, or Accuphase DP-100/DC-101.

5) Rockport Sirius III turntable.

6) Nordost Valhalla interconnects, speaker cables.

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I'm pretty in love with my setup -- MSB Tech Link DAC III w/HDCD and upsampling, a nice set of interconnects (haven't settled on these yet), AudioValve RKV Mk III, Sennheiser HD600 w/Clou Blue. Obviously there are a couple of places for improvement, but I haven't been wishing for anything new for a while.

Alright, I'm still going to try a couple of different Beyer's...and I'm going to be changing my transport as soon as I can land that Kenwood...and the dust hasn't settled (and probably never will) on the Senny upgrade cable...but you get the idea...I've definitely gone "asymptotic".
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As far as headphones go I'd get the Sony R-10 with an Earmax pro.
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Originally posted by Tim
As far as headphones go I'd get the Sony R-10 with an Earmax pro.
Butter run fast...I hear the R-10 is going to be discontinued
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For less than $3K, you can have the Stax OmegaII, so I'll put this combo ahead of Sony + amp combo, which likely will cost more than $4K, as the realistic home system.
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Well I figured he was asking about headphone system. As far as speakers go, Vandersteen 3A Signature, tubed preamp, and four tubed monoblocks (most likely all from Cary).
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Heeh, that's not bad at all for a realistic setup. BTW, it seems like you really like warm sound? Warm + warm + warm = WARM?
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