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Need help with Fixup's Ety replacement cord

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It just got here in the mail today. The lack of microphonics is neat, but I just can't get these things to seal properly. I can tell because the sound is much thinner than it was with the stock cord and the isolation isn't even nearly as great.

I tried using the twisting motion to go up and inwards in my ear canal and so far the sound is ok, but not as good as I remember with the stock cord.

I hope I didn't damage anything when I pulled the drivers off the old stock cord.

Anyone have any tips on how to get a good seal with the fixup replacement?
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There should be no difference in seal if done right...

Again like stated in my original reviews of his cable, I was a little wary recommending it to complete newcomers to Ety's. How much time have you had with Ety's and insertion total?

In anycase, if it already takes you work to insert stock Ety's it is a little more difficult with Fixup because the stock Ety earpieces are angled such that they naturally push the driver upward into the ear and Fixup's are not.

Since Fixup's are smaller connectors with no such angling, you just need to be adept at inserting the phones. Because I've used the ER4's for so long, I considered the learning curve very slight if any since insertions for me were such a snap in the first place. Quite simply...with the Etymotics you could push easily in and the drivers are already slanted up...with Fixup you just need to make sure you are in fact slanting the drivers up yourself(something that you should probably already be doing when you are really good with insertions in the first place IMO)

Again the connector pieces don't even serve any function in terms of an actual seal besides something to hold onto during insertion so basically you still have the same potential to get as good a seal. If insertions were something that you just considered difficult originally, than yes the learning curve is probably increased.

Only tips is to be very aware of the angle of your Etymotics and how they are inserted into the ears. Obviously you may need to compensate without the angled earpieces. And of course it is just something you just get good at, til inserting Ety's is probably much easier for me than putting on KSC-50's.
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