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Thought I'd do a $15 experiment with my RS-1's and try out the comfy pads on them. I made the hole in the comfies so that it looked like a donut and first tried them WITHOUT flipping them. I wasn't really impressed...the sound was a lot warmer and I could notice some detail being lost. However, after flipping them, the sound was better. Less warm and the detail was back. To be honest, the sound of the flipped comfies and the sound of the stock bowl pads are very similar to me...but both are very different from the comfies in "normal" configuration. I guess being closer to the phone is not a good thing if you like the Grado sound. Much too warm for my taste. There is a slight difference in the bowls and flipped's tough to notice sometimes, and to be honest I'm not sure which I like best. With the flipped comfies the music is just a tad less forward...however with a tad less detail. But when I say a tad, I really have to listen for it. I get the feeling that my ears are not as accurate as some of the veterans around here. I'd probably need another month or so to get a good idea, but I think right now I'll stick with the flipped comfies, if only because I definitely think they are more comfortable. If I go back to the bowls at a later date the difference may be more evident....anyway, if you're looking to slightly reduce that forwardness that Grados are so famous for, try it out. I would imagine this would work well on the SR-325's too. In fact it may be a better mod for the 325's than the RS-1's since the RS-1's are already a little warmer than the 325's to begin with. Kinda wish I had my old pair of 325's to try this out on. Anyone else curious to see how this affects their cans should definitely try this out, especially if you have a higher-end Grado. $15 is not much compared to what you spent on the phones themselves.