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My first dedicated headphone amp was a Vincent KHV 111.
I've sold it today via ebay and I've got exactly what I'd payed for the used amp a year ago.
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First amp was a Total Airhead (the old 3AAA version), for $200. I really regret that purchase because my portable players actually sounded better *without* it. Couldn't even use it with standalone sources because of the clipping and distortion problems.

First amp I was really thrilled with was a Gilmore V2. My current RKV Mk II is the second and latest amp to thrill me
I've also owned a Little, Perreax SXH-1, and a Gilmore v2-se.
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My first amp was a Grado RA-1. I paired the with some RS-1's and I was literally in music heaven for a long time. I have no regrets in getting that amp. Unfortunately, I fell victim to upgraditis as we all seem to do so I sold it to help raise money for it's replacement. I've heard the RS-1's with a few amps and I don't think that there is an amp out there that matches them better than the RA-1. Truly sublime !
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Headroom Total Airhead
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the current Cmoy i have. it cost me $20 and i have no clue what its specs are haha.
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Corda HA-1 Mk1 for $210 new.
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Headsave Go-Vibe.... Couldn't be happier
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Young-ins tisk. Koss something or other and a (brand new, for the first time, Magnavox portabable stereo) 50 LBS. lightweight, but then on to (5yrs. later) a Sansaui 100 watt monster. Then to an Advent 15 watt reciever. and so on . Excuse me, but from Woodstock (bin-there and the worlds finest POT), it's been kinda a blure till about 1990. I used to get high on SDS and now it's a headphone amp. Or was that LDS, or may-be LSD.
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JMT built CMOY. I still use it sometimes when I want to hear crossfeed.
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Xin SuperMini v 3 amp was my first.

Bought it used from a Head-Fi'er almost exactly a year ago - to 'get my feet wet'. It was inexpensive, and is really quite tiny - if that's what you want/need.

The Xin was enough of an improvement to get me interested, but desiring a little more quality - hence a couple portable Pimeta purchases.

The first Pimeta has a crossfeed but has been somewhat problematic for me because it was a Head-Fi'er first DIY, and has some build quality issues.

The second Pimeta was built for me by JMT, and is great.
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mine was a Jasmine t-200 tube amp usb dac combo still listen to it ALOT love the looks and sound
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My first proper amp was/is a Luxman LV103 bought in about 1989. It still sounds great,

My first dedicated headphone amp was a Tangent CMoy, then a Zero Audiocraft Cmoy, then a Pimeta and now an M³.

I still haven't bought a fancy commercial amp. DIY is too much fun.

No regrets at all. Enjoyed every minute of the upgrade path.
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Go-Vibe V5 → Hornet (M)
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Headsave Classic V2...purchased used for $125.

My only regret is at the time I bought it I didn't realize how strong the Upgraditis affliction was. Had I known, I would have just bought a better/more expensive amp right off. I'm happy now with my Meier HA-2 MKII SE.
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The first dedicated headphones amplifier I bought was the Stax SRM-007t.
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