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I built myself a Cmoy derivative on a Hansen board. I gave it to my oldest son, who gave it to my youngest son. It is probably now on his floor somewhere under a pile of who-knows-what.
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My current amp (HA-1) is my first.
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JMT PIMETA - priced very reasonably

A genuine revelation! Made me want to listen to everything all over again. It's still in regular use and remains one of the most satisfying audio purchases in years.

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Xin supermini v6 (?). I'm indifferent towards it, since I never really used it w/ a portable phone.
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May 2003...

I bought the HD580 and soon after a Creek OBH-11 to accompany it. Then I found Head-Fi and it's been downhill (uphill?) ever since...
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Gilmore Lite. It was a great choice.
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Total Airhead-$199+S/H.
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My first amp was a self-built standard cmoy with the cheapest opamp I could find. The total cost were around 20-30 Euros. How did it sound? Let's just say that I moved on to a better amp rather quicky.
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My first (and hopefully my last) headphone amp is a Gilmore Lite. I got the pre-release price on the new version: $250.

It's the best headphone amp ever. If it's not, I don't want to hear about it!
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I built a CMOY less than a year ago...then a MINT, then a PPA and then a PIMETA.

I still listen to all but the CMOY that I built...it was sold on eBay.

Edit: My only regret is that I'm not independently wealthy.
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Headroom Little...my wife bought it for me to surprise me for my birthday, but I'd already purchased an X-Cans V2 / X-10D / X-PSU. I ended up returning the Little, as I couldn't justify have two headphone amps at that point. I did spend about a week listening to it, and it was a very nice amp for the money IMHO.
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JMT built CHA-47 used with some SR-60's and a D-25S. I am still using this as my main amp and source, but have just ordered a Gilmore Lite and a NAD 542 to go along with my Alessandro MS-2's
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Originally Posted by ayt999
grace model 901.

still a nice amp to listen to.
Same here. Other amps get a lot more time now, but this elegant amp has a sound I still like...

My first amp of * any * kind was a nice, 76 pounds light, McIntosh MC 275 (75W) tube amp. NOT the $4k 'Commemorative Edition'; the original MC 275... bought it in 1970 for around 4 bills. Still works. Still sounds great. Probably outlast me!
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headroom little in 1994. Headroom had an 8 week backorder at the time.
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My first amp was the XP-7 with Power Supply and AD797 opamps

I have no regrets at all!
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